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How does one know when one is astral traveling?


  1. i don’t recall of the event but i wake up paralyzed and i have feeling of sinking into my self it’s hard to explain TO Emma i can make diff between those two i exp astral projection before so i know what does it feel like and i exp sleep parals also TO MIKEY once in my dream i woke up i was very scared there was a presence bed one the room was exact the same but there was someone else in bed with me young man with long hair he was shielding me with his hand but he was passive i got up and started to pray chasing the thingie it looked like a black stripe and it took of since i don’t remember i’d like to find out the way to stay awake while astral projecting if you can tell me more about it what you see what it’s like etc

  2. @dzevad: I apologize, then. It’s just “not remembering”, “being paralyzed”, and “waking up” sounds exactly like sleep paralysis, but I imagine if you’re sure, there’s more to it. sorry.
    Astral projection… astral travel, out of body experiences…
    The whole experience is fairly unique.
    You should be able to look upon your sleeping body in bed.
    You may see a (silver) chord “connecting” you to your physical body, but some people do not.
    You will be able to locate yourself wherever you wish with a simple thought, and otherwise, you are weightless.
    One way to distinguish it from a dream is to check the room – it should be exactly, 100% like when you fell asleep; usually in dreams it won’t be.
    Hope this helps!

  3. It’s not something anyone can do.If you could,you’d know you were doing it.Paranormal boasters aside,it’s possible only in your dreams.

  4. When one assumes one has special powers when dreaming and one doesn’t require things like evidence to reach a conclusion about a phenomenon, one concludes one is flying through outer space like Superman.

  5. I have been astral projecting for years.
    You have to watch yourself as your body falls asleep. In other words, stay awake while your body falls asleep. Then theres a point where some people feel vibrations and hear noises. I dont get the vibrations but if I get to a point where my astral or etheric body can speak (but my physical body is quiet and sleeping ) then I know I can come out.
    If you ever wake up in a trance in the middle of the night and you cant move and feel extreme terror….if you relax….you can also come out of your body.
    I just roll out of my body.
    The tricky thing is that you are so “awake” that everything seems normal and you are wondering if you are actually sleep walking. there are things that will let you know that you are actually out of your body tho.. Your room may look almost exactyl identical but there will always be something that is out of place or should not be there.
    You can also jump out of your window and you will find yourself flying around town. ( true…that is the part where people think i’m lying or crazy….but it’s true )
    You can also speak to deceased people ( people who have passed over )
    check out this website and look at the questions and answers:

  6. Incredibly saturated, vivid colours are a pretty reliable indicator when present. You can get these in lucid dreams too, but you tend to float and zoom less in those.


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