Home Discussion Forum How does one incorporate Greek deities into Wicca?

How does one incorporate Greek deities into Wicca?

For example, your patrons are Greek, so how do you incorporate them into Wicca mythology and worship?


  1. Wicca is very strict with the Lord and Lady worship. You’d need to be a soft polytheist and view the various Gods as aspects of the Lord and the various Goddesses as aspects of the Lady.
    You might be more interested in Greek Reconstructionism, called Hellenismos.

  2. answer: Wiccans can work with any deities and pantheons they like or are called by. Most don’t mix pantheons in the same workings, some work with only one pantheon. No, you don’t need to be a soft or hard polytheist to be a Wiccan.
    There is a pagan religion called Hellenism/Greek Reconstruction paganism you may want to check out (and they are usually hard polytheists)

  3. Usually it’s done the other way around; making Wicca fit the deities and not vice versa. 🙂 Wicca (at least the “outer court” version) is very adaptable to different cultural influences.
    You will get some Hellenic Reconstructionists take issue with how you do things no matter how respectful you go about it. 🙂 I’m the more laid back type myself, I tend to think the gods appreciate being honored no matter by whom or how they’re doing it. 🙂
    Research some Hellenic festivals; there’s quite a few that fall around or close enough to the same dates as the “Wheel of the Year” holidays. Try to learn as much as you can about the deities in question, and the culture in which they came from.


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