How does one handle a possible poltergeist activity in the barracks?

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Almost every night when I’m about to go to bed I hear a screaming shrill like some crazy banshee noise. I wake up to see where the noise is coming from but its the echoes are not quite clear. Then I keep hearing a thud thud like a banging noise and then some more screaming. Any I’m not scared but it just gets annoying at times.

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Just take down the picture of Obama and it wont freak it out anymore.

I M Everywhere U Want 2 B

I understand there is always an army chaplain available, and that you can get access to any religious leader of your choosing.
Besides, assuming spirits exist, then wouldn’t that mean God exists, too? And as it is God that is doing the exorcising, not the religious leader, just get to praying it away already. This is God’s realm, let Him handle it.

Big Bro Handiwipes

Ambercrombie your such a troll


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