What do you think about when you do it? A personal problem you want resolved? The answer to a complex question you are in search of? Or do you just try your hardest to think about absolutely nothing? What is the best method to go about in order to cause the release of DMT in the human brain?


  • Yes I am one among very large no. of people in Tamil Nadu, India practicing Kundalini meditation and training others which is recognised in all the Universities of Tamil Nadu.
    I am doing kundalini Meditation since Jan.1986 and achieved many things in official works (one example a 12 years problem of Jelly fish problem in Madras Atomic Power Station was solved by me changing screen basket design) also in my personnel life. Even though I came from a illiterate family back ground -agriculture. I was a Scientific Officer/Engineer F and doing spiritual service in India and USA & Singapore also both of some sons are IT engineers in USA.
    Kundalini meditation is one in which focusing the mind on its origin the soul at fore head in between the eye brow center initially. Later raising it to top of the head in the pineal gland and there by reducing the mental frequency from the normal level of 14 to 17 cycles/second to 1 to 3 c/s there by merging with the universal magnetic field (holy Spirit). The mind get power and purify its impurities and achieve any thing possible. I should be practiced through a qualified masters to avoid complications.

  • I have no experience with kunalini but as for general meditation… To clear your mind you can concentrate on something very specific and in full detail such as an apple. Picture it in color. Then try to concentrate on just the color red. Put all of your mind into creating the image of red and the apple in your mind. Switch between different objects and their colors. This technique is good for removing all other thoughts from your brain because if you put everything into visualizing something in color, your subconscious loses most of its partitioned processing power. You can then think of, once your mind is clear, the thing that you wish to accomplish while meditating. If you are new to meditating, try changing your pulse, blood flow, or body temperature, as these are the easiest when first starting out. Make yourself completely engulfed in the thought at hand–the key is to remove all distraction.

  • You don’t try hard, meditation is the opposite of trying hard, you simply… stop. Let go. Let life happen, to you and through you. Recognize that all there is is what is there right now, right here. For kundalini, imagine a sphere of energy in your lower spine/genitals, and feel it moving up your spine up and outwards through your arms and legs and head. It’ll change your brain chemistry permanently if you do it regularly, and you can induce extremely blissful states this way.

  • I found that talking with someone who works with the Kundalini is the best to ask questions like this too. They can also point you in the right direction on good guided meditations or they can write a few for you to work with. I found that working with the Kundalini really raises one’s own personal vibrational state of being and allows for a deeper sense of oneness with the self and universe. At least this is my experience and I’m still doing more work with it and research into it.

    Good luck dear, I hope you find what you are looking for.

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