How does one go about picking a type of yoga and getting started?

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With the growing interest in healthy lifestyles, more Americans are looking for ways to achieve balance–and stay fit. Practicing yoga is an excellent way to do both of those things, but with so many disciplines to choose from it’s important to pick the one that’s right for you. Tell us how you discovered your perfect yoga style, and why you chose it.

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Karen D

Yoga isnt thought to be that good for christians, hence I dont do it, just warning you.


look in the library for books on it and choose one you think you can handle


I’m still working on it. Took a few walk-in classes, currently using vinyasa flow DVDs from the public library, and planning to sign up for teacher training.

Well: it’s an good idea that ” Yoga Meditation helps you in
beginners Fitness yes very important Program by doing
simple Calasedics first “

Risa S

Most yoge centres offer the first class free… I tried a bunch and discovered that I most prefer power yoga, HOWEVER, some teachers a prefer over others and one of them i just loved for a hatha class. The one I disliked the most was Bikrams,,, It’s so personal that I think people who are truely interested should read up on the different styles, then try them out .


Just check this site


I’d say just find a class near you. Whatever class is near you is the best. I was lucky that my college offered yoga. My teacher studied Hatha Yoga.


Some of the answers seem to imply that practice of yoga is contrary to practicing christianity; it has nothing to do with any religion except it was developed in India as part of conditioning of body and mind to help achive God- Consciousness and thereby Salvation, per Hindu belief.
Today’s practice of yoga by the westerners is seen as a way of achieving physical well being. Some Asanas (physical poses) are difficult for some people; maintaining a lotus pose for a long time is difficult for me. I think the most important thing is to choose a combination of Asanas and breathing exercises that you feel comfortable with. I make sure that the combinations stretch and/or condition as many muscles and glands in my body as possible. Always caution is advised against being over ambitious to do too much too soon; start with shortest duration of poses and breathing exercises and make sure you are not pulling muscles and experienceing dizziness or headaches. After reaching comfortable durations, then increase the time span for which you can hold a pose or breath, again in short intervals.
Of course, meditation in it’s different forms, is to be practiced with caution and the duration is to be increased only after being comfortable doing it. Select one or two ways of doing it, per your liking and stick to those for a while, before you experiment with other ways. Just remember that the ultimate result of meditation is not too different than that of intense prayer – to be in close communion with God; however this also brings about benefits to the nervous system and mental states.


What is right for one is not right for all. I say try all forms that are available to you, and decide which you are the most comfortable with. When it comes to any type of exercise you truly need to find something you enjoy or you may find that you loose intrest rather quickly. Good luck in your search.
(psssst Yoga is good for the body, mind, and spirit. I doubt if any form of worship would be against it.)


When one takes further studies on spirituality, the subject of Yoga comes in as part of the course programme. It is very interesting. Why? It is because it makes one understand the natural beauty and strength of the mind, the will and the heart. In Yoga, it makes one concentrate and make a peaceful meditation. Through constant practice of it, one develops a serene and balance personality. But one must know from which source she/he takes. One suggestion is the book of Anthony de Melo at publication – Gujarat Sahitya Prakash Gujarat, India.


i learnt it from my father who in turn learnt it from his uncle.we are indians,so in our country we have a great man called baba ramdev who teaches yoga on the tv every day.we have an entire channel dedicated to yoga

A.V. R

To clear the air. Yoga has no religious connotation whatsoever.
There are many kinds of yoga. Most are for spiritual development. Many practices are unsuited to the modern life style and unnecessary. The choice of a course depends on the goal.
The ultimate goal is destroying the ego and merging with the Infinite. For most, It is best to gradually go up the ladder. Some gifted ones can leap frog.
For many the immediate aim is to get an integrated healthy body and mind.
There are various Hata yoga exercises that achieve the physical well being. There are some breath control exercises that achieve a balanced mind.
Some of these Asanas (Hata yoga postures) are aimed at regulating hormonal functions to control thyroid problems, diabetes, the sex urge and such. Many are designed to regulate body functions, control metabolism, and minimize food intake.
It should be remembered that these practices were developed for use by ascetics, living in jungles and such locations, usually alone. Most of the day was spent in severe spiritual practices with scant regard to food and bodily comforts. Invariably this placed a major strain on the body with constipation and such problems besetting the aspirant. The hata yoga postures were designed to correct these so that the body will demand the least attention.
It is for us to choose wisely, get trained under an adept and ‘make haste slowly’ as a great teacher told.
There is no panacea. Yoga is no cure all nor is it a quick fix. It is best to avoid the advanced techniques of breath control initially. As one progresses one can become more ambitious. Always go through a teacher one on one. Books and videos are adjuncts not replacements to a live teacher.


I don’t practice yoga, I learned in my high school psychology class about meditation that opens your mind to spirits. Granted, this was a public high school, so when I started to drift off in the meditation cycle, I jerked awake like someone was attacking me.
I ended up hitting one of the students next to me in my awakening/jerk…..I looked up and my psych teacher was just smiling at me……how creepy, like he expected that sort of reaction from a Christian.
Yoga isn’t for everyone, especially those who are saved in Christ or are spiritually sensitive. I learned that letting your mind drift lets you open yourself up to more headaches from that episode…….
btw, the student I hit wasn’t even aware I had awoken and never remembered me getting up so fast, she was enthralled by the whole thing….


For me it is about the instructor! There Patience level as well as there ability. I believe there is a ‘chemistry’ that happens when working this closely with people. So finding someone you connect with is important.
I also enjoy working with several different styles, rather than just one… I take a Ti-chi Yoga class that is awesome!! He blends Chi-Gong, Ti-Chi and Yoga for a body massage from the inside with your own energy. ! .
I have seen instructors scold because you could not get into position, that is so Not what I am going for. ;0)
I have also been in a class that is more meditation than bodywork, great class, yet we knead to move our bodies!@! That totally has value, just has to be disclosed!
Just go, start, experience it, the Asian Arts Are to be Admired


though yoga does play a role and an important one at that it is the faith /belief/trust/’shraddha’ which helps you more than the yoga choose the style in which you have maximum faith that will bethe bet style for you


First of all let us define yoga. Yoga is meditation. Meditation is thinking. Now my question is what would they like to think? Thinking of nothing is thinking. Someone answered that you should be careful. That person, I tell you now, is ignorant and deluded. That person thinks of bad things. Now, what could be bad with yoga if you are just doing it alone? You are not hurting anyone nor yourself.
Let us drop the craps about yoga. You don’t have to join a group and pay. Yoga is free!!!!
First of all, why practice yoga? What is that person running away from? It seems that they are sick and tired of what they are doing everyday with their lives. Hahahahaha, are you looking for a reason? Entertaining those thoughts again?
This is a free improper yoga.
The improper yoga will train you of not to think at all. For 30 minutes a day, just be in a quiet place and don’t hold to a single thought. Example, you have a friend named Raul. The thought of the name Raul crossed your mind. You will know if you hold on to that when you start thinking about Raul. A lot of thoughts will follow. Like where is he, what is he doing now? how is he? etc…….. Now, what I want you to do is drop the thought. Don’t hold on to the thought. Don’t entertain the thought/s.
1. Find a place where you can be at peace or have peace.
2. Be comfortable in the position (whatever position you want – you can lay down or seat, whatever…..)
3. Close your eyes.
4. Don’t hold to a single thought. Be in silent.
5. Do it 30 minutes a day; don’t exceed the time limit. Doing this is equivalent to 2 hours of sleep. You feel relaxed and will notice the change in you. This will happen after 2 weeks or a months time.
Hahahaha, whatever you will feel with your body, just ignore it. Example you will think that you are floating or something is walking through your skin, etc – ignore it, that is not true.
For now, just do it. When you have mastered this meditation, you will know! Who have mastered this meditation? Hmmmmmm, I wonder? 😉


Last Part First:I chose to practice Youg(NOT YOGA,becouse it is slang),which means in HINDI-TO Practicing it we get connection with our spirtual reservoir which exists in THE BODY OF every HUMAN BEING.Once a connection is established,The unending flow of PLEASURE(FAR FAR SUPERIOR THAN ANY PHYSICAL PLEASURE-CAN NOT BE EXPPRESSED IN WORDS). NOW the FIRST PART:In the month of Dec.2005 I was crossing a road when one MOTORCYCLIST hit me and both the bones of my right leg were fractured.I was in bed for about SIX months,during that period I,started practicing PRANAYAM AND YOUG(THROUGH Swami Ram Devji’s Prog.on ASTHA TV CHANNEL)regularly.RESULT-No need of Any Pain Killer since JAN.2006.I do not remember to have taken any other medicine too,since 6.1.2006 to date.It is further added that my present age is 61.8 yrs.In fact I was Ten Years old when I attended my First Yougic ASSANS Class,but with passage of time I just,stopped.About Twentythree years back I learnt about LIPI DARSHAN(GOD’s INCARNATION IN THE FORM OF WRITTING)and started to adopt TEACHINGS OF TRUTH,in my life.(SPACE AND TIME here is not ENOUGH to describe details).With THE GRACE OF ALMIGHTY I was able to attend the “YOUG SHIVER of SWAMI RAMDEVJI” at Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh-INDIA,ABOUT THREE YEARS BACK.Here I came to learn that ASANAS are not YOUG


I think Yoga has the discipline and flexibility that is unique to any exercise programe …
It gives n number of options to the user and even the most physically unfit people can do at least one or the other style of yoga or type of pose ..
A combination of “Pranayama “(breathing exercises)and “Vyayam”(physical poses as part of Hath yoga )strikes as a brilliant combination …
One’s body being the guide to setting limits allows total wellness as compared to plain physical fitness in most other regimes…
I did choose yoga last summer though am guilty of discontinuing due to lack of guidance and support ..yet i can still vouch for the health benifits it gave me for the time I could sustain the programe..
which one is most recommended though ??
Thanks for the question ..
all the best …


skip the rest.
enjoy the best
-child pose


Yoga is as old as Indian/Hindu civilization is.
Original Yoga and its philosophy was developed by Patanjali and yoga literature is called Patanjali Yoga Sutra.
So ideally one should follow what is taught in these Sutras.
But it is so vast and common man can not understand Sanskrit the language it is. SO wise Gurus learnt all what is in these Sutras and gave us in English or Hindi what they think it means.
There are umber of books and literature on the subject and depth of each book varies- some are superficial and talk only aboutYoga Asanas for different levels- from children/beiggners to advance stage. Yoga Gura Iyengar is known for his in depth study and his books are like treatise as it coveres all aspects of Yoga.
There are many more -some are shown on TV daily so it is free and that we can say is good for mases awareness and motivate people and then once interested, people can join some classes under guidance of some teacher/institute.
Then there are highly commercialised and charge high fees-both in India and West and as regards money which they claim they are using for charity ( from life style of those propogating thier brand, we have doubts about this). It is targeted towards rich and famous and film stars who can afford to pay fees for such highly secretive and branded (?) courses. But the source of allinformation is Patanjali Yoga Sutras andwonder how it can be patented? Never the less is is good service for those who do not have access to Yoga in normal courses.
Then there are real con men in west using it as purely money making business.
The latest news that in US some one is trying to Paten Yoga has the following response from one of of the Yoga Gura Ramdev, who is doing a good job by teaching Yoga free thru mass media as well as running camps in different cities, unlike those who have commercialized even in India by sugar coating the existing knowledge with some brand name and selling at unaffordable prices to masses. The response by Ramdev as per press is as follows which explains what I tried to outline above:
Yoga should not be patented: Ramdev
16 May, 2007 l 1119 hrs ISTlIANS
SHIMLA: Stressing that yoga was a centuries-old Indian tradition, popular yoga guru Swami Ramdev urged the government and yoga organisations to prevent it from being patented overseas.
“Since there are attempts to patent this tradition (of yoga) in America, the Indian government and yoga organisations should take measures to prevent it,” Ramdev said.
“Yoga cannot be patented as it belongs to the entire country and humanity. Also yoga cannot be run like a company,” he said late Tuesday.
“I do not wish to name any individual, but how can yoga be taught at a controlled 45 degrees centigrade temperature when it is ideally taught in the cold Himalayas,” Ramdev said, referring to Indian-born Bikram Choudhary’s method of teaching yoga. Choudhary teaches this technique in California and has even reportedly patented this method of yoga recently.
Ramdev also criticised the Indian health ministry for “turning into an allopathy ministry by promoting only allopathy and neglecting ayurveda”.
“The health ministry must sort its own health first and stop sending regular notices to me,” he said.
“Around 10 per cent of the population of India is suffering from diabetes. Yoga and ayurveda are one of the most effective ways to cure this deadly disease.”
“We have carried out studies at our centre by treating patients suffering from many kinds of cancer through yoga and ayurveda. A book is being brought out by Patanjali Yogapeet shortly as a documentary proof,” he claimed.
No matter what is claimed by X, Y or Z Yoga teacher, the Patent for Yoga should only be given in the name of Patanjali and not any new outfit who no doubt may be doing good job but if given to one entity, others will also claim for the same and this will never end.
So every one for his affordability and access will choose what is best for them.
But the mission of Yoga should be for good health of all as oroginally spelled out by Paranjali and only in his name Indian Govt should patent all yoga knowledge and no one else. No one can be rightful claiment for its patent since all have copied from the original knowledge. Also those who have patented this knowledge by copying and branding a type of pranayam or what ever, should be revoked and taken away from them. Also if some one calls his yoga as XYZ XYZ Yoga or Sir SirYoga, it should not be permitted ssince it is not thier invention, only they are imparting Patanjali’s great work but now they want to make money. Indian govt is not proactive and like this Indian Heritage will loose all its knoledge to greedy westerners or even Indian Living abroad but creaming Indian communes.
To start Yoga, best is get interested in it and either join a class or if not accessible, buy a book and get started with simple exercises and slowly increase to more advances Asanas. Lter study the full meaning of Yoga- because it is life style and not merely physical Asanas.
Many web sites are listed and one can study more on the subject.
But I give below about meditation which is interesting:
Find a quiet, comfortable place where you can sit, preferably with
back support. We want to remove unnecessary distractions. Just sit
and relax somewhere where you can close your eyes for twenty minutes
without interruptions.
Once you have gotten comfortable, slowly close your eyes. You will
notice thoughts, streams of thoughts. That is fine. Just observe them
without minding them. After about a minute, gently introduce the
thought …I AM… and begin to repeat it easily and effortlessly in your
mind. If your mind wanders off into other thoughts, you will
eventually realize this has happened. Don’t be concerned about it. It
is natural. When you realize you are not repeating the mantra, gently
go back to it. This is all you have to do. Easily repeat the mantra
silently inside. When you realize you are not thinking it, then
easily come back to it. The goal is not to stay on it. The goal is to
follow the simple procedure of thinking the mantra, losing it, and
coming back to it when you find you have lost it. Do not resist if
the mantra tends to become less distinct. Thinking the mantra does
not have to be with clear pronunciation. I AM can be experienced at
many levels in your mind and nervous system. When you come back to
it, come back to a level that is comfortable, not straining for
either a clear or fuzzy pronunciation.
Do this procedure for twenty minutes, and, then, with your eyes
closed, take a few minutes to rest before you get up.
This practice is to be done twice each day, before you start your day
and before you begin your evening activities. It is best done before
meals, as digestion can interfere with the process of meditation.
Make a commitment to yourself to do it for a few months. Give it some
time to work. You will be amazed at the results, and then you will
want to keep going forward to more and more.
If any one can give more input on subject under discussion, it will be appreciated


I mainly do weight training and cardio.. But I love Bikram Yoga! The heat really helps me get into the poses and I find a nice consistency from the instructors wherever I go.. I get on a routine for a month or two then stop for a month then start going again. My eyes are so clear afterward and I feel dramatically more flexible every time. I find my strengthes and weaknesses and feel challenged everytime. It’s a nice combo of mediation, stretching, detoxing and strengthening. My friends got me to try it, the first time I went my friends kidnapped me and didn’t know I had just had a caramel machiatto, needless to say that was an awful experience, but the following time I did the 3 hours of not eating before and I loved it! Still do 🙂


Yoga is an eastern term meaning path. People almost always make the mistake of thinking that Yoga only means Hatha Yoga, the yoga of physical movement or also called the yoga of positions. Yoga has its roots in Hinduism and include eight or nine main categories (sorry its been many years since I took courses in comparative religion) including:
– Karma yoga the path of work
– Bhakti the yoga of faith
– Jnana the yoga of intellect
– Pranayama – (Yoga Breathing) Extension and control of breath.
– Kundalini the yoga of the body’s energies
– Mantra, Raja, and Tantra
Other “yogas” usually fall within one of these categories, and even then into either the categories of either a form of yoga of faith or a yoga of movement. Unfortunately, human nature is such that people like to invent or rename what has already been done or invented before, so there are now hundreds if not thousands of “new” flavors of yoga. Beware of people who have invented their own “new” version or slant on Yoga, and want to charge huge amounts of money to learn these new and complex yoga systems, as the yoga paths were originally laid-out as simple paths for everyone to understand and follow. .. and to afford. Simple to follow, they provide a few basic practices in ones heart, body, and/or in ones mind.
A simple Google search, and/or book should provide you with enough information on each of the basic systems listed above to get started without paying “teachers” large amounts of money for their promissed “secrets”.


If you belong to a gym, try several types of yoga until you find one that is right for you.


I am a working professional n my work demands me to sit in the office for long time.
So i do pranayam and differrent ashanas which fits my requirement.
i do surya namaskar must.

Eric D

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l just happened to watch swam rammed maharajah on Indian channel ‘aaastha’, his way of simple pranayam exercises were so simple and convincing, and the detailed explanations, and the i kept on watching for days together till i was convinced that yoga is best for healthy living. i have blood pressure, thyroid and i am diabetic. regular pranayam has improved my health, medication has come down. swamyji has announced his visit to USA in the month of June. i have no idea which cities


I can’t quite remember exactly when I found a little “how-to” book describing a few poses and breathings .. but I tried it all by myself for a few weeks, just a few minutes a day.
Oddly enough, I felt better.
then I more or less forgot about it for 35 years.
This New Years resolution didn’t make one .. a month or two later decided to try doing a few postures upon waking, before going to work.
(not NEAR as flexible as I was way back then)
but slowly, I’m gaining a bit of flexibility … and noticing that mental calm comes as well … cool
age happens, but yoga allows an easier life.
no big waves


there are many variances of yoga,according to your needs,level of spiritual maturity,and target you can choose the suitable for you.
i suggest anyway start with hata yoga postures,not only will give you a fit body but will uconscously introduce you to higher levels of yoga.


All the different types of Yogas start with PRANAYAM or breathing exercises.Then start with neck,and then moving to all body parts ending at your feet.Try stretching exercises and go slow and with faith and dedication.


There are innumerable asanas in yoga. Each one rejuvenate one or more parts (organs) of a human body. Which one to pick up determines where you are really weak/ill. please consult a yogacharya.


They teach a form of yoga at our gym… but it is pretty basic…. in keeping with the participants. Never the less… it really is an introduction.
I think that doing Yoga for exercise has no bearing on Christianity… since, even Christians need to stretch their muscles.
Anyway.. I like the introductory level…. it’s perfect for relaxing all those joints and tight muscles that I have put stress on throughout the week.. and it’s soothing mentally to put my work out of my head for an hour a week. Pity about all the wind instruments…… it’s like a stinky symphony some nights…. but I barely laugh at them anymore.


I would highly suggest getting in contact with a yogi and speaking with them even trying out a session or two to find what best suits you. Also a great site is Yoga Journal it not only addresses your question but also has a listing of local centers all over the nation.
Hope this helps.


Somebody here said, Yoga is not a religious thing! That is wrong. It is a religious thing. It is part and parcel of Hinduism. Yoga itself means Union of oneself with the supreme god(Paramatma).
Biblical religious followers are afraid to accept anything which is not in thier books. How pity!
Here I am quoting the para from Wikipedia about Yoga.
/start of quote
Yoga (Devanagari: योग) is a concept of “union” (of the self with the divine or transcendental) in Indian spirituality, seen as a means to both physiological and spiritual mastery. Hindu texts establishing the basis for yoga include the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and many others.
Outside India, Yoga has become primarily associated with the practice of asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga (see Yoga as exercise), although it has influenced the entire dharmic religions family and other spiritual practices throughout the world.
The main branches of Yoga specificed in the Hindu texts, and generally accepted by both modern scholars and practitioners alike, include: Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Raja Yoga.
Raja Yoga, known simply as Yoga in the context of Hindu philosophy, is one of the six orthodox schools of thought, established by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
/quote ends
To answer this question: Hinduism says no knowledge is complete without learning it directly from the Guru(Teacher). So the best thing is to join any Hindu school of yoga near you and practice it directly from a Guru. Learning sanscrit language with it will help you understand the books of yoga and true spirituality.
Thanks for Yahoo answers for this question. It has much importance at this age of revival of hinduism and its teachings around the world.


Yoga is good, but I highly recommend Tai Chi and Chi Gong practices. Its more fun and better for your health!


yoga is very nice.
very; good healty is there
yoga means excersise

turtle girl

The best yoga class is the one that instills a sense of peace with your mind, body, and soul, whatever form of yoga that may take. Acceptance of yourself is key. I give a yoga practice a few tries, but if I am struggling mentally, it is not for me.


Yoga in general is about controlling yourself.
It can cure or correct many physical problems. So you have to identify first your problem and then accordingly consult a yoga expert who will guide you into the appropriate yoga technique
In my case we attended some yoga demonstrations and then we were asked to attend a seminar against payment. We were told about many interessting things and all our people who were present accepted a certain discipline.


It took me a little while to find the yoga style which is best for me. I started when I was 42. I was heavy and wanted to lose weight. I didn’t know anything about yoga and just walked into the studio closest to my house. It was Iyengar based yoga and I enjoyed the class. They also had power yoga there, but the senior teacher at the studio advised me not to go there until I had gotten stronger. She said power yoga can be dangerous for very flexible people who don’t have enough muscle to move through the fast sun salutes safely–their flexibility could allow them to move too far and they might tear a muscle or ligament. I was over flexible and very weak, so I didn’t go to power yoga.
I stayed with Iyengar for a year and learned a lot of alignment of the body, which was useful. Then I switched to a vinyasa style called Saraswati River Yoga. This style features the sun salutes (but not as fast as power yoga) interspersed with holding asanas for a long time. Physically it’s a great balance for me. In the seven years I’ve practiced it, I’ve become much stronger and I lost the weight I needed to lose (without dieting, which doesn’t work over the long run.)
Most importantly, Saraswati River Yoga includes the breathing practices and philosophy of yoga (yoga is a science and a philosophy–it’s not a religion unless you want to use it that way.) Practicing this yoga has allowed me to be more present in each moment of my life. Before, I was basically sleep-walking through each day!
Keep trying classes, if you’re not comfortable in the first one you attend!
If you’d like to try some DVDs to give you an idea of the various asana styles here are some I recommend to my students (I’m now a yoga teacher):
“Yoga for Beginners” with Patricia Walden. This DVD is great for getting started. It features clear instruction in basic yoga asanas taught in the Iyengar style.
“A.M/P.M. Yoga” with Rodney Yee. This DVD has two asana sequences, and is suitable for beginners who are fit. It combines Iyengar and vinyasa styles.
“Yoga for Creativity” with Rodney Yee. This is a more challenging vinyasa style asana sequence.
If you have the Oxygen channel, you can record some of the “Inhale” shows they broadcast early in the morning. This is a challenging vinyasa style class–it’s not for beginners!
I also like the DVDs by Erich Schiffman, if you can find them–they’re excellent. Vinyasa style.

m h

Well, it’s this easy: Pick a style and go.


I like Rodney Yee, he has a soothing voice, a great outlook, explains poses and safety very well, and keeps Yoga relaxing. I don’t want to compete or heat the room up to 100f. I just want to relax and focus and Rodney Yee is amazing for that.
I found him on the oxygen channel and got interested there. Then I rented bunches of Yoga dvds from Netflix and Blockbuster before I decided who I liked. I also enjoy Steve Ross’s ‘INHALE’ On Oxygen, but have to be in the mood for the peppier music. There are no Yoga classes in my area, unfortunately.

venkatadhri y

The prayer, worship, yoga, meditation, and such other activities are meant for the healthy life style, and all equally helpful to keep us in some balance. But the sponsored and biased authors made it more confusing that which system is to be followed. In fact any system of yoga is helpful to us, once it is followed systamatically and with more discipline, and the results we anticipated could not be achieved instantly and we must follow with patience and stubbornity. And never confuaed with the openions of the others as every one is right in their own sense means to safe gauard thier intentions.Then why don’t you think that your style is hundreds of times better than other styles, and yes that is


hi,my doctor told me what is good for my health,and which type of yoga i should do.

mathan k

There are many style’s of Yoga but all are created for people to be happy and healthy, My experience Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) is much better because Guru Vedathri Maharishi who created this style for the people of age 8 to 80 with out any strain in body and mind and he teaches Kaya Kalpa, simplified Kundalini meditation.
You can check the site


mornig be regularly

Simon P

There is no point in signing up for an ashtanga class if you are sixty five, slightly overweight, and only want to relax, or to go to a viniyoga teacher if you are taking up yoga as an alternative to jogging or weight lifting to keep fit. If in doubt, ask to watch a class before enrolling. Even better, most teachers will actually let you do one trial class, perhaps at a reduce rate, before asking you to commit for a term. This gives you a chance to see for yourself if their style of teaching, and the style of yoga they teach, suits you.

Star B

I like vinyasa flow and hatha. they are the easiest to find and most classes either teach one or the other.


I wanted an easy to do, short program. By not having done yoga before, I felt that this was the best way to approach the method. I ended up getting “Precision Yoga with Jennifer Kries”, and I enjoy the VHS. She goes through how to breath and reviews stances before you go on. For me, the warm up is harder than the actual workout part. The cool down is just relaxing and being still. I notice changes within a week of doing the tape and flexibility has increased! I enjoy the stretching that she does and you can also do these stances during the day, anywhere. Each segment is only 20 minutes long. I do one segment one day and another segment on another day. This way I’m varying my routine.

Rajesh Iyer

There is no such thing as a perfect Yoga style. Yoga is a universal way of life and applies equally to all individuals.
However, it makes sense to start with simple yogic postures and gradually increase the level of difficulty. Yoga is never to be rushed through and involves smooth and relaxed movement of limbs.


Deciding that you want to start doing yoga is the first step. It’s easy to get stuck here though. Don’t be intimidated! Here is the information you will need to take that next step and start enjoying the pleasures and benefits of yoga.
1. Pick a Yoga Type
A little research will be required on your part. There are many different types of yoga classes out there, and if you pick one that does not suit your personality and state of physical fitness, you may be turned off.
Take a few minutes to read my overview of yoga styles. For most beginners, a Hatha or Vinyasa class will be most appropriate. These are basic styles and you can always try something fancy later.
2. Find a Class
These resources will help you find a yoga class in your area.
You can also check local alternative newspapers or wellness magazines for listings or do a search on the Internet for “yoga” and “your town.”
Pick a studio that is convenient to your home or work so getting to class will be easy. Make sure you start with a basic level class. Many gyms also offer yoga classes with excellent teachers. This is a good place to start if you already belong to a gym.
3. What to Bring
On the first day, you will not need to bring much except yourself and some comfortable, breathable clothing. Read up on the basic yoga equipment you will encounter. Most studios have yoga mats that can be rented.
4. What to Expect
In a typical yoga class, the students place their mats facing the front of the room (often identifiable by a small altar or by the teacher’s mat) in a loose grid. It’s best not to line up your mat exactly with the one next to it because you and your neighbor will need some space in certain poses. The students often sit in a cross-legged position waiting for class to start or do some gentle stretching.
The teacher may start class by leading the class in chanting om three times. Depending on the teacher, there may be a breathing exercise or short meditation at the start of class.
This is followed by warm-up poses, then more vigorous poses, then stretches and final relaxation. At any time, take Child’s Pose if you need some rest.
Sometimes the teacher will go around to each student during final relaxation and give them a little massage. Most teachers end class with another round of oms.
Congratulate yourself! You just took your first yoga class! You may be a little sore tomorrow.
5. What if I Have No Access to Yoga Classes?
While there are many great yoga books and videos available, there is no substitute from learning directly from a good teacher in a yoga class. That said, if you cannot get to a yoga class, I recommend starting with any beginner’s video, as this will give you more visuals to follow than a book.
6. Dos and Don’ts
DON’T have a big meal right before class. Try eating lightly a few hours before class starts.
DON’T drink water during class, but have some before and after.
DON’T wear shoes or socks during class.
DO review Yoga Etiquette so you feel very comfortable entering an unfamiliar situation.
DO tell the teacher it’s your first class (you probably won’t be the only one).
DO ask the teacher for help if you need it.
DO look around and follow what other student are doing, especially if the teacher does not demonstrate every pose. However, keep in mind that you may be looking at more advanced students so do not compare yourself to them.
DO familiarize yourself with some beginners’ yoga poses before you take your first class.
DO come back in a few days for your next class!
Hope it helps..


I would advise those interested in yoga to take a class. As for myself, it more or less was a nature progression sense I’ve been into the vegetarian/holistic movement and have taken dance for numerous years.


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