Home Discussion Forum How does one go about astral traveling?

How does one go about astral traveling?

What are some techniques (preferably drug free) to astral travel?
When you astral travel do you see other beings that are also traveling around at the same time as you? Also, can you see a being that is astral traveling that comes to visit you when you aren’t astral traveling?


  1. i suggest you get in touch with your spiritual side
    meditate a lot
    it’ll prepare you to get a focused mind much needed when you are to embark on such an experience

  2. I usually travel in the individual carriage compartments. The only way I see other people is if I open up the door between the carriages and enter them. I like the individual ones though because the ones with many people usually have a lot of graffiti and people eating and drinking, which you’re not allowed to do.

  3. Meditate a lot.
    Practice, practice, practice.
    I dunno about the other questions, as I am just getting into it myself.

  4. Your travel experience will happen when you least expect it. It just happens. It did for me. Once only. I saw people when I arrived at my destination. But not during the travel. I doubt that I would remember them if I saw them today. I saw only land and sea beneath me as I traveled. I felt wind on my face and a sense of fast paced flying. I saw green hills and felt an urgency to go faster as I traveled. I remember hugging the coast,and a sense of flying with the curves of the coastline. Then I arrived in a house in Ireland. I stayed with a family there. They were poor but hospitable. That’s all I can remember about it. A very real experience that I shall never forget.

  5. Hemi-sync is a good path for learning how to project your astral body.
    Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, was the first to develop hemi-sync technology. They say “Out of Body Experience” instead of the more esoteric term “Astral Projection”, but they are the same thing essentially.
    Yes, you see other beings on the astral plane. If you have astral vision while your astral body is in your physical body, you can see beings that come to visit. There are 5 non-physical senses that correspond to the 5 physical senses. Combined, these 5 non-physical senses are called the “6th Sense” by many.


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