How does one get enlightened?

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is it a good thing?

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Hit the switch.

Abyss Of My Mind

A Diet.


Sit under a tree and watch an apple fall?


The Buddha says that you have to stop trying to be enlightened. Just let it happen.

What? Me Worry?

One forces ones finger in a hot lamp socket.

Monica R

it depends on what you know about. but i believe that the best way to become enlightened would be to live life and learn from your experiences.


God should talk to you.


by reading and accepting the enlightened values as can be seen in voltaire, montaigne, lock, and hobbes, etc.
also, learn through experience, and enlightened values tend to be nonreligious.


Practicing a spiritual path such as Buddhism and following the teachings of the Buddha.


A Voice in my head said follow me. I was 14 years old. It took another 2 or 3 years for me to understand.

be yourself

through a lifetime of experience. Through prayer and perseverance. Also through meeting people and teachers. Enlightened just means understanding life and your lifes purposes and being happy with who you are.


Enlightenment, in my opinion is a very good thing. It is basically an advanced state of self awareness and understanding. And it is usually achieved through introspection and years of meditation not just about yourself but about everything.

Jeffrey H

Read the bible and find his word in you.
you are a vessel of god god is in you and you are part of the trinity
find it for yourself.

k k

To get enlighten one should have self confident


Lose weight.

Glow wings

By allowing the love of God to flow within ones heart.
It’s simply amazing! 😀

King of the Woad

Encounter genius, through reading or listening; reflect on your experiences.
Enlightenment tends to happen when you are not looking for it directly, but just getting on with your life.
I am struggling to think how it could ever be good to be UNenlightened. But then some people really cannot see why Obama is infinitely better than Bush…

Sweet Suzy 777!

Read God’s word the Holy Bible. If you speak modern English read the New Living Translation, because it is written in modern English. If you speak 16th Century old English then you will need the King James Version.


some people believe jesus was enlightened, and if that is true, the answer is in the bible. probably the old testament. so I would suggest reading the old testament, now your next question is, there are lots of religious folks reading the old testament why aren’t they all enlightened. they are looking for a meaning rather than allowing them self to be inspired. they are searching and not seeking. seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened.


Enlightenment is not a momentary feeling as many people think; momentary enlightenment is like infatuation. True enlightenment is like true love which will last forever. A true enlightenment is attainment of wisdom which makes us clearly understand about the perishable and the imperishable. Living with such wisdom is called an enlightened life.


through interest and the desire to do good.


Only sure way is to be baptised in the Holy Spirit.


Read the Bible.
It is a good thing.

Genesis 5:1
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G Easy. Use the Life Decryption Key consistently for a while and enlightenment ceases to be a far-off condition. It is nascent in everyone and delusions block awareness of it.


i don’t know.


Drop bad habits like consumerism, greed, hatred, and ignorance.
Develop good habits like generosity, kindness and interest in others as well as yourself, read Buddhist books esp the Pali Canon
Meditate to calm and clear your mind.
And then let yourself go!
Enlightenment is the only reason to be alive.


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