How does one get a job as a psychic that reads auras?





Sounds like it could be a profitable profession. How does one sell this “skill” to others and convince them to pay you to read their aura?
Would you like some of my cure-all snake oil eri? Only $19.99 a bottle.


  1. I know a lot of “psychics” love having stands at flea markets. A flea market stand is usually very cheap. Lots o profit can had from a table at the flea.

  2. If this were genuine which it doesnt sound like it is, simply being able to read auras is simply nothing you can get work from because people would think you were making it up. You would need to able to do this along with other skills that are believable.

  3. Learn cold reading and put up a sign. If you’re good enough, they will come. Not having a conscience will be a very big plus.

  4. You just start telling people you can do this, and some of them will believe you because they buy into all that stuff.

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