how does one block psychic attacks, if he or she is a medium.?

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My friend is a medium, she gives readings on Kasamba. Everyday pastors and old boyfriends alike think about her and she feels the blunt of those attacks through her intuitve behavior. She is doing everything in her power to block those attacks. But as her best friend how can I help her handle those attacks and possible help her block them?

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I’m not a medium, but I’ve had cause to use shielding techniques before. The problem with them is that it’s difficult to “strain out” what you want in and what you want out. If you like, drop me a message and I’ll throw a few ideas your way that may work.

Carl The Green's Keeper

Tell your friend she’s a nut, and that she should just ignore these invisible attacks.

johnny cee

Against the Love of Jesus and His Praise there is no defense. Satan is a defeated foe.
I Cr 13;8a, Love never fails!!!!!


you can’t help
she has to do it herself


She can surround herself with quartz crystals that have been properly programmed for protection. She can get them on eBay and read some books on the subject from Amazon.
She MUSt know about burning sage I hope? She needs to do these things and learn about them if she is a medium who does not want to be possessed by demons!


if you believe in psychic attacks then you will probably have no problem with aluminum hats ….that’s what the abductees like.


If you feel infringed upon, these simple aura cleansing steps may help.


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