How does one become a witch or warlock?

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I’m not saying I want to, I’m saying how is it done. ^_^

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Read everything you can. is a good site. Check out occult stores, they usually have intro classes.
Plan to study everyday for a year and a day.

Frank S

I am sure there are many organizations or support groups that you can join. Let me search it on google and get back to you.
Strange that you are interested in becomming one Lion 🙂
View the website:
You will learn even more about other religions than Wicca.
In short if you want to be a witch you will need to accept the following:
The Wiccan Credo:
The Wiccan Credo is a Wiccan poem. Some Wiccans believe that it was written circa 1910 CE by Adriana Porter. Others suggest that it was created during the very early years of Gardnerian Witchcraft, during the 1940s and 1950s. 1 It includes the text of the main Wiccan rule of behavior, the Wiccan Rede, and a reference to the Threefold Law.
The third last stanza refers to the Threefold Law. It states, in part:
“Mind the Threefold Law you should,
Three times bad and three times good.”
The end of the Credo contains one version of the Wiccan Rede. It reads:
“Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An’ it harm none,
Do what ye will.
Blessed Be to thee.”


Well, to become a Witch you need to do some hard time in the state prison, get locked up with a roomate that is lonely (and hungry) and do whatever he wants for the next 3 years—OH WAIT, THAT IS HOW TO BECOME A BITTTTHCH
sorry my bad, not that any of that actually happened

rac <

You have to wait for your letter from Hogwarts


Well first, you have to study your whole life.
Then we test you for a year and a day. If at any time you make a mistake we torture you forever.
Oh wait, sorry, wrong religion.
Basically, once you’ve heard a bit about witchcraft you study some and then you go out and try your first spell. Wallah, you’re a witch.


You don’t if you value your eternal soul, I was drawn into satanism a long time ago, the excitement of the darkness, the secrecy and the supposed ‘power’ over other people, and yes it does work but at what cost!! my life has been wrecked through this most foolish move,
I am now a committed Christian which means I can help people enormously because I have seen the ugliness of the devils, their deceits and pitfalls, if you really commit yourself to God YOUR Creator who bled and died for YOU, you will have His company for eternity and eternal life instead of eternal death.

Serv'd My Time In Hell

By being susceptible to people selling an invisible product and falling easily for superstitious concepts…it might be your cup of tea…

Enchanted Gypsy

My dear, it is not difficult, but it can not be done over night.
Things should be done/occur in basically this order:
Research (do you have a particular path in mind? Wicca or Witchcraft) 2 authors (of many) that may provide some basic knowledge are Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland (please avoid Ravenwolf)
Study everything you can related to the craft in general.
Study all you can on your desired path.
Practice at a basic level until you are confident and comfortable.
Advance slowly.
Never do spell work for selfish means. Keep in mind the law of 3, whatever you do will come back times 3, good or bad.
It is my opinion that the moment that a person decides that this is their true path they can call themselves a witch (I will still call them a witchling! lol)
I am sure you meant witch or wizard (both CAN be male or female), not warlock.
Warlock is something few want to be, an oath-breaker.
Or were you referring to the OMG (outlaw motorcycle gang) based in Orlando, FL? (just kidding guys)


First you must become Wiccan. A warlock is a male witch.


i want to become a warlock but how


i want to become a warlock but how.
can somebody teach me.


. what is the oppose of these words, The next question I ask the winner will get 100 points?


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