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How Does One Become A Succubus?

I wanted to know how you become a succubus. Please, tell me? I’d also love to learn more about them. All help is greatly appreciated!


  1. All I can say about succubi is that you better watch out cuz it could be the damn Loch Ness Monster wantin’ another Tree Fiddy’

  2. in order to enter someones dreams as a succubus you have to be thinking of that person while having an orgasam while at the same time someone is having an orgasam thinking about you and all the mean while the person whos dreams you want to enter as a succubus would have to be asleep (of course)!
    that is just one way, there are many!
    here is a good book online that may help you

  3. *SIGH* You cannot just change from being a human to a succubus you know. It is impossible to do that. It is against nature. However, you can get certain attributes that a succubus may have using spells such as using beauty spells, desire spells, lust spells, sexuality spells etc. However, it is not recommended that you just stumble blindfolded in to casting such spells. You have to research! Understand what spells are about, how to cast, how to use protection and the responsibility such spells entail. But you cannot physically change species! So you will never be a succubus.

  4. well what do you wish to know about them?
    and all you need to do to be a succubus is learn some spells and Technics in that area

    • I would be interested in learning how or if you can turn someone into one that would be cool as well but one thing I was wondering are they allowed to live among humans? That would be something that would go into my decision too.

  5. you do know what a succubus is don’t you?
    a succumbi incase you didn’t know is a sex demon , it feeds by turning people on , it feeds of devaint urges …
    most succumbi are hopeless devaints … you really don’t wanna be one of those …

  6. You are a human
    A succubus is a demon
    Are you able to become a rabbit, a dog, a lion
    Then why would you be able to become a succubus

  7. Become a Succubus, well there are a few ways. Everyone here seems to have an opinion, one way is to find a “sponsor” of sorts the give you the powers with which to become a succubus. It takes training and power simply put.

  8. you all our idiots, there is no such thing as a succubus. And why in the HELL would you want to become a succubus if there was. In the past people always made up stories and legends to explain tragedies, like sickness, and unexplained phonominaun, and all sorts of stuff they say just to make themselfs feel better. But we all know there excuses. But hey if you want to become on be my guest. HAVE FUN

  9. Who in the hell would not want to be come one, of corse u cannt go from human to succubus. But u can do spells to get in some ones dreams n mess with them this i know for a fact

  10. look it’s not bloody herd too become a succubus.you all ..can you not see what is there right befor your eye’s..it all just willl power that’s all ..you can’t get will power out of a book ..just do it

  11. You actually become one through soul evolution. Like alot of the other supernatural creatures, vamps and wolves bitten/ sctatched, succubi/incubi are through willpower

  12. If you really are willing to travel down that path, try summoning or communicating with one, or more of the “Angels of Prostitution” (Lilith, Na’amah, Agrat Bat Malhat, Esheith Zenium, etc) they will help you, IF they deem you worthy, but definitely won’t hesitate to kick your @$$ or let you burn your life to the ground, if they think you deserve it….but then again if you are scared of of risk and disaster, perhaps you shouldn’t be playing with Fire.


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