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How does one actually do chakra work?

I already know about the chakras, and how to channel them, and how they work, but I wanted some advice on opening them. So far I just go through one by one, acknowledge and experience each, but my three and five remain blocked… any tips?


  1. You might find someone else that can do it for you. There may be some attachment to those 2 in particular, which makes it difficult to do it yourself. Or try loving them as particles of yourself, loving them fully before you try again.
    When they are all open all the way up, get your seatbelt on. It is a wonderful and fascinating ride into higher states of consciousness. Natural as rain and infinitely beautiful.

  2. yoga, and stretching and very very very difficult stretching or yoga positions. deep breathing , counting slowly when in pretzel of body formations. water and hydration importance is high in aligning your chakras. Symmetry in both side of body is very important. breathing and closed eyes is help for 3 &5

  3. I like to soak in the sun and that is one way of re-energizing the chakras. From one hot guy to the next-LOL!!!

  4. These practices are not too compatible with a western lifestyle.
    I practice hata yoga for close on sixty years. Formally trained in the other yogas.
    I feel that most of the so called chakra practices are just auto suggestion. They do not contribute to real spiritual development. At best a harmless waste of time; occasionally harmful with inexperienced practice.

  5. There’s a great book by Swami Sarahananda called Chakra Meditation, it might be helpful. I know visualizing the colors associated with each chakra is very helpful.


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