Home Discussion Forum how does one achieve "pure consciousness" or "higher states of consciousness"?

how does one achieve "pure consciousness" or "higher states of consciousness"?


  1. It would depend on what you mean by higher states of consciousness. You can achieve more clarity of thought if you work on minimizing mental chatter. If you’re looking for the transcendental, I honestly can’t help there.

  2. Altered states of consciouses
    Drugs-Altered states of consciousness. Chance you can’t com back though
    Death-undeniably a void, altered, and/or higher state of consciousness.
    Meditation-By reducing inner chatter and supposedly receiving “the external”
    Astral projection-astral travel- (inter-dimensional travel) (debatable, but what ever it is, it works)
    Self-induced Out of Body Experiences-(leave body-travel astral planes and “real time zone” (our dimension)
    And, My favorite, Lucid Dreaming-A phenomenon of sleep in which you can control your dreams and do anything only limited to the confines of your imagination. (Most accessible and natural in my opinion)
    All of these are higher states of consciousness, or at least way different than “normal” consciousness. Lucid Dreaming is your best bet in my opinion. Look it up.:)

  3. How does one achieve “clean windows” or “shinier states of flooring”?
    Ask yourself “What is the difference?” (between higher/lower, pure/impure)
    Ask yourself “Can I know a difference?”
    Realize that by definition WANT means LACK.
    The only reason you would want something is because you believe you LACK it. When you realize there is nothing you lack there will be NOTHING you want. This realiziation will allow you to freely pursue your NEEDS with a clear mind or a naturally focussed attention. Pursuing life in such a manner is living in “pure consciousness.” Living without any FORCEFULL effort is living in a “higher state of concsiousness.”
    This is doing as the Chinese would say “wu wei” or NON-DOING.

  4. I don’t know anything about myself, yet I want to make it pure or higher. Best to study one self and learn about living and dying which is what is really happening.


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