How does naruto shape the wind-based chakra into rasengan? Where is he getting the wind from?






  1. well when the charkra is coming out of his hand then i goes really fast! RIGHT!!
    so when u run really fast then all this wind comes at u same with rasegan!

  2. his chakra type is wind.. there are different types of chakra like lightning(kakashi) water(kisame) earth(1st hokage) like dat… naruto practiced alot to do rasengan…later on in shippuden series he learns a new jutsu which transforms rasengan into his own jutsu involving wind and it looks like a shuriken! kool desho?
    hope dat helps!

  3. It’s not wind! it’s chakara!^^ and it’s from the power of his chakara along with the Kyuubi’s*nine tailed demon fox*^^

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