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How does mind operate? Vedantic theory: Mind is not consciousness (Cit) which is immaterial, also…?

there is no mind without matter or matter without mind except in dreamless sleep. There is no vacuous in active mind it always has an object. Also, mind is only aware of objects when given attention to them.

My theory is the mind is a quasicystal substance composed of constructed repeated structures when the kundalini light ray directed by attention is cast upon an object of experience. Further, awareness is within and without consciousness and present in deep sleep.
What say you? Constructive dialog is most appreciated.

As I see it the brain with the spinal cord is the hardware of a cosmic aerial and the mind is the software. Damage the hardware on your computer and the software may not function at all and when you use it with too much to drink you will be messing up the software as well as your mind.

I hope to help you put things together if you will consider awareness as an eternal aspect of Being and all the rest is temporal. Body is useless without mind, mind is useless without consciousness and consciousness is useless without awareness.
Who is #1?,

I could not agree with you more whole heartedly accept the me part you used as an identity. I disagree with an identity particularly one who is doing and watching. Should you continue with this thinking it will take another life time paying accumulated karma. We are on Q&A forum and I am with trust to help others understand awareness and the reasons why not to form an identity with anything. When a Mind-Ray goes to an object the mental substance is shaped into the form of the object. The Gandharva Tantra says: “By meditating on anything as the self, one becomes that thing.” The Candogya Upanisad says: “As a man thinks that he becomes.”
I have read Roy Masters books and have them in my library. Thank you anyway.

Universal consciousness is an irreducible aspect of the universe. We live and have our physical being in an ocean of consciousness. Individual kundalini consciousness includes the entity of awareness that remains within and without consciousness’s existence. Awareness is a totality within itself. As an example: without thought while in mediation, awareness is ever present, and any action of consciousness is held at bay. Mind and consciousness are only connected because the strength of a conscious experience is determined by the brain’s strength of its existing neuronal connections — connections forged from past experiences.
Perception is a bridge between the limited senses and the intellect. The accuracy of the senses is most often wrong. Snake or rope in the road scenario. The intellect’s job is primarily to sort out logically what is sent to the mind. Continued…
With exception of awareness all aspects of the cosmos is Maya made up of the three properties of prakrti or
primordial matter called gunas; Sattva, consciousness is its important function; Rajas is energy; Tamas is inertia. The gunas constantly act and react upon each other, in a steady movement of suppression, one being dominant, for the time being, over the others. Thus, as long as the world exist, the gunas are in a state of disturbed equilibrium.


  • The mind operates in the world of duality because that is what it is. The mind is the film of the camera-brain with its acquired kundalini-light cast upon the screen of the creative consciousness. The film is called This is Your Life. The true essence of the nature of awareness is overshadowed by the pictures. The subject becomes lost in the objects of experience.
    The two edge sword of attention, of the mind, is a tool to cut through illusions of perceptions or cut the power of observations light.
    Vigyan Bhairav Tantra means the technique of going beyond consciousness. Vigyan means consciousness, bhairav means the state beyond consciousness, and Tantra means the method: the method to go beyond consciousness.

  • In my opinion, this approach is too intellectual, too much jargon and doctrine. I prefer a more experimental approach, which requires no words at all. I observe mind working ( http://www.fhu.com/ hear the “be still and know” part) and realize that the noise generator which is inside our heads is not me at all. The real me is the part doing the watching.

  • If you believe mind and matter are interdependent I can see how you might come up with that. I can’t put together what is eternal, mind, with what is temporal as interdependent

    EDIT Consciousness seems like perception to me which is body related. i see awareness as mind
    Isn’t a crystal of matter like a body?

  • Mind is a function of the brain. You damage the brain, you will also damage the mind. Just by consuming too much alcohol, you can’t think straight because you are messing with your brain.

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