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How does meditation prepare the body for practicing martial arts?


  1. I started judo at age 12 and karate at age 14.Ive done meditation and studied Buddhism.first, if your goals are self defense then meditation will not effect that.You must remember,the martial arts came out of eastern nations who added there religious ideas.Think about this in mma or ufc you don’t see them wasting alot of time on crap like meditation!!! What matters is realistic training methods.With a system of Martial arts that is not more Fantasy than reality.For example akido,or some styles of kung fu.You must train the way you fight,training must be severe. If the system over relies on kicks that will be disappointing if you need to defend your self.Brazilian jui jitsu is the best art for self defense that i know of.combine with boxing for hand technigue. You should avoid psuedo martial arts spirituality.Its all about training .But be honorable to the untrained if you continue for 4 or more years.dont get drawn away into T.V reality.Practice 3 to 4 times a week,spar every nite with gloves,heavy contact!!!! you have to get used to taking a shot.Your body must be able to respond based upon reflex.!!! Ah grass hooper this is very good lesson in truth for you.

  2. Most elite martial artists will say that fighting is 95% mental. Meditation is good at calming the mind, getting you in the right place to practice. You have to be extremely focused at the task at hand.

  3. well, meditation is different for various martial arts. some claim it can help the body heal. not sure if this is true. tai chi breathing methods claim to raise your body temperature very quickly. i didn’t believe it at first but after taking it, when i sit down and meditate, my palms heat up very quickly for some reason. the breathing methods i learnt in wing chun helps me strike harder. so meditation is different for everything
    i’m young so i’ll admit i rarely use it. most meditation is used to clear the mind and keep people calm. most of the mma guys at my gym are a bunch of idiots. they make themselves angry before competing and rush out using rage like it gives them strength. sometimes i feel like i should tell them to meditate. keeping a clear head in a fight helps their reaction and they make fewer mistakes. but why bother right? young americans know everything.

  4. It doesn’t but it can prepare the mind and emotions and it’s practice isn’t neccesary to become a effective fighter as you are not likely to become the type of combatant it was originally designed for .
    Training should be hard but not severe going to a club and having to train hard full contact every time is moronic even boxers don’t do that if they want to last.The brain and internal organs don’t get tougher by constant pounding .The brain loses some functions over time memory being the main one and internal organs can have ruptures that pass blood into the urine and feces.These injurys are accumalative in that they get worse with repitition of trauma.
    And no amount of full contact and sport type training will prepare you for bare knuckles cutting your face to the bone or bare knuckles driving a rib into a lung or gut or a knife stab or slash.

  5. I agree with scott, meditation is very effective in calming the mind. Also getting clarity of the mind and focusing it is an essential practice in traditional meditation.
    If you practice martial arts, what kind of a fighter would you be if you are excited, have a muddled mind, or you are emotional and unfocused during a fight? For example, if you fight someone of your own level, but you would really get angry at your opponent during the fight, you are bound to lose…
    So actually, meditation probably does not prepare your body at all, but without your mind, you’d be a pretty lousy martial artist! 🙂 Martial arts is not done just with your body – on the contrary….
    But best to check out a qualified martial arts teacher!


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