How does meditation improve health?






Am interested more in meditation and how it improves spiritual and physical health. Does anyone here meditate? Has it improved your health at all? Thank you.


  1. Yes they have done countless amazing studies on the efficacy of meditation. Look into the works of Lynne McTaggart (The Field/The Intention Experiment) as well as Transcendental Meditation – they have done a lot of research.
    In extremely brief, aside from many many other benefits meditation helps calm down the stress the body is under – stress lowers the immune system thus diminishing your bodies ability to stay healthy. In fight or flight stressed mode your body “squeezes” the blood from your torso and internal organs (including where the immune system regulation is) to the extremities – to enable you to punch or run or whatever. It was squeezes the blood from the thinking and logical forebrain to the hindbrain where motor controls are – so under stress you actually get stupider!
    There’s heaps and heaps of research out there

  2. This I can answer with a 100% yes! Both my daughter and I started doing yoga and meditation about a year ago. My health was going straight down hill. I was over weight, smoked a pack a day, drank coffee all day, never ate veggies or fruits, was stressed up to my eyeballs, ect.. You get the picture!
    My daughter started getting into this negative body image, started over eatting, freaking out about the littlest things. So we decided to get healthy! Yoga with meditation every morning to start. It was like someone had opened up the flood gates and let all the bad stuff out. Now we have both am and pm yoga with meditation. Here is a list of my biggest improvements.
    Digestion (my acid reflux went away, normal bowel movements)
    Heart rate (mine use to run at 89-100 bmp at resting rate, now its 69)
    Migraines (without all that stress I have no headaches)
    Back pain (this was the first to go)
    Menses (again no more pain, only lasts 3 days)
    Sleep (its soooo nice not to wake up 8 times in the night, good solid deep sleep)
    I have and so has my daughter found peace with myself. I actually cried when I figured this out.
    I have answed many big questions that I had while in meditation. But mostly I found out I really like
    who I am!!!

  3. Hi there, Southern Belle!
    I have spent many years teaching metaphysics and helping others through guided imagery and meditation. If you consider, that energy follows thought, then the more you meditate, (which is merely being mindful of your thoughts and detaching from them), then the better your health will be. Many chronic diseases are left in the wake of true, deep and meaningful meditation. Sometimes I only have 5 minutes at a time where I can meditate, and believe me, I use it to my advantage. Whether I have 30 minutes, an hour or only 5 minutes though, taking that time to stop what I’m doing and reconnect to my soul brings me a sense of peace and trust that is otherwise…well…hard to come by.
    Very few people realize that our thoughts are the creative force in our lives, and by thinking positive thoughts, meditating to anchor them in our consciousness and allowing the energy to flow through us, we become conduits for health and wellness. I have a dear friend that recently went through a bout with breast cancer. Through diet, exercise and a regimen of meditation and creative visualization, she went back to the doctor that had diagnosed her with stage 2 breast cancer 8 months before, and he pronounced her clear of cancer. This was 5 years ago. She worked diligently on positive affirmations, meditated religiously, changed her outlook on life which had become decidedly negative, and now she has been cancer free for 4 1/2 years. The doctor’s still wonder what she did…She never once allowed herself to think of herself as sick, but rather, she focused on positive thoughts, and the things she was going to do that she had been putting off. She still tells me what an amazing journey it was…
    Remember, Health is our NATURAL state of being. Illness means we’ve taken a detour. Meditation will get you back on the right path and bring you inner peace as well because it effects our brain chemistry and stimulates the release of endorphins. Best of life to you, and may you find what you’re looking for.

  4. You no longer see everything covered with a thin blanket of concepts and labels. You see things exactly as they are before the mind gets to them. This includes all your body sensations. For example, you no longer take the body to the kitchen to eat when it isn’t even hungry.

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