How does Meditation help us focus on our goals and ambitions in life?

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what should be the minimum time given to meditation everyday?

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clears your mind of all the useless things

Sean Baxter

It helps you distinguish between the things you really want and desire and the things that you think you want but wouldn’t even think about within a few months. There is no minimum time to meditation as it varies for different people. Normally 10-20 minutes a day is enough time to help you focus and clear you mind, yet it may be more if you have been under a lot of stress.


It`s designed to help focus the mind , reduce attraction to its` clutter.
20 minutes minimum, once one has the skill of it.


Meditation helps me to stay in the present moment. Whether it is a guided meditation or simply focusing on my breathing, it is all about being present with yourself at this moment. This ability to stay focused, and it does get better with practice, we take away from meditation into our everyday life.
There is no minimum time…even a couple of minutes a day is good. Just try to do it at least a few minutes everyday. Enjoy!

sowing seeds

Besides finding that one’s mind becomes more at peace, practitioners who persist in resting mind meditation develop a degree of suppleness such that they are very at ease and flexible in different conditions. A state of complete suppleness or flexibility and complete delight emerges. Higher degree of awareness to what is going on in and around one may result.
At the outset, frequent, short sessions are recommended rather than longer sessions. Keep the awareness fresh. One should stop one’s practice while still in a vivid state of calm abiding, so that one resumes the practice with enthusiasm and one’s practice doesn’t deteriorate.


It doesn’t. It helps you to focus on the present.


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