How does meditation and fasting bring one closer to their spiritual side?





Of course spirituality is whatever each individual concieves it to be, no matter what their religion, but for those who practise fasting and meditation, exactly how does this enlighten them more spiritually?


  1. It does not. Meditation facilitates entering the silence of the inner self. In that “space” there is quiet serenity and absence of distractions. In that condition one begins to sense and hear the divine within. It takes patience, perseverance and discipline… AND TIME!

  2. Meditation
    – Helps keep things in perspective
    – Provides peace of mind, happiness
    – Helps you discover your purpose
    – Increased self-actualization.
    – Increased compassion
    – Growing wisdom
    – Deeper understanding of yourself and others
    – Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony
    – Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation
    – Increased acceptance of oneself
    – helps learn forgiveness
    – Changes attitude toward life
    – Attain enlightenment
    – greater inner-directedness
    – Helps living in the present moment
    – Discovery of the power and consciousness beyond the ego
    You shoud try. 🙂

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