Home Discussion Forum How does Kabbalah shows us how to bring balance to our lives?

How does Kabbalah shows us how to bring balance to our lives?


  1. Please be aware that the site JANE D links to is NOT an authentic Jewish source – you can tell because it espouses Christian beliefs about Jesus.
    Genuine Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism and won’t make sense to anyone without a solid grounding IN Judaism.
    I recommend these two books by ARTHUR KURZWEIL:
    Torah For Dummies
    Kabbalah For Dummies
    Read the books in *that* order and you will get a great overview.

  2. Kabbalah that most people discuss today is an overly superficial view of an incredibly deep topic. The masters of kabalah in the 17th century wrote extensively, not only about kabbalah, but about the laws that we should live our life by.
    I would say that kabbalah is part of a system (or helps us understand the system) that makes the world tick – the spiritual world, which is far more real than the physical world.. Getting a superficial understanding would be like a mentally retarded 7 year old going to a 15-minute class on quantum mechanics.
    Ultimately, the message of kabbalah is to do good, and that doing good has a real impact on the world we live in.

  3. I suggest that you search for answers such as these in books and not on the internet. Anyone can create a website.
    Many times you will find more accurate answers in used books for studies in Ancient Mysteries. What you are asking about is very complex BTW I hope you are prepared for the research. Learning Hebrew would be helpful too.
    PS – Best stay away from the recent commercialized version – only someone’s interpretation.
    **Edit – Paperback Writer JPA has provided you with a good and readily available resource that can give you a handle on the concept. If you feel the need to delve further then ….. see my comments above

  4. Simple. It teaches us how to become in harmony with nature.
    Nature works like one body. Each cell acting in an altruistic way. Giving all it can to the body, and taking only it’s necessity. (For example, a lion on a full stomach won’t harm you, but will a human being with a full wallet be satisfied with what he has? No!)
    Without the human race, the world would be at absolute harmony. The reason we are experiencing the world crisis (from natural disasters, to the economical crisis) is simply natures way of keeping it’s balance.
    Kabbalah teaches us how to change our intentions, thus becoming suited to natures harmony. It teaches us to love, but not in an egoistic way, like we love fish for example (we love to eat them, meaning we love them because WE benefit from them). By learning how to truly love, we are not only in harmony with nature, we are also in harmony with ourselves, and only then can we fully enjoy our lives.
    Here is a 3 min vid clip explaining about the law of equivalence, I’m sure it will answer your question much better than i did 🙂
    After thought:
    I just got an email promoting a free online kabbalah course..
    Here is the link if you want more info :
    (I’m taking one of their courses and it’s great..)


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