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How does hypnosis work?

What are the pros and cons of such methods of doing past life regression?
If you have a poor opinion about this method. then what are the other uses could it be used for besides regression?


  1. You can’t recover memories of past lives through hypnosis, all you’ll do is create false memories you believe are from past lives. Hypnosis merely puts you in an extremely relaxes state where you’re very susceptible to suggestion and want to please the hypnotist. So if you’re hypnotized and the hypnotist asks you to remember a past life you’ll subconsciously create a memory on the spot to please him.
    There’s no real risk, but you’re not going to get anything out of it expect some fake memories.

  2. It works by allowing your self to relax to the point that your subconscious mind can be programed by key words that are said to you .
    I took hypnosis for performance anxiety It took a month of sessions and listing to a CD every day for it to work
    but now when I am doing a show I don’t get nervous any more and if I start to get nervous a word comes to mind and I become relaxed

  3. u really want to do this huh?
    well, here is what I know:
    It may or may not work
    The theripist gets u comfy, then puts u in a deep sleep. then they ask u questions about whatever it is you want to know. They also recorde the session, so u can listen to it later.
    But be carfule! It may wake up a deamon alien that has been sleeping inside you for many years!
    just kidding
    but seriously, if you really want to do this, look up alternitive medicans (me no spell) in the phone book, and ask them some questions. or u can go here :

  4. Hypnosis is like the art of suggestion, you get put into a medatative sleep and then the hypnotist sends hypnotic suggestions/ideas and build up from there. Who knows if you actually had a past life or just created one. It’s all based on opinion the real solution is to find out what you believe and find out how far you are willing to go to achieve the knowledge you seek.


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