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How does hypnosis work and how can I hypnotize my friend?

My friend is really scared of birds, but she doesn’t know why. I’ve taken several psychology classes and she’s asked me to help her. She was talking to me about maybe trying hypnosis, so I told her I’d look into it. I don’t really know anything about hypnotism or how to hypnotize anyone. I’m looking for either websites that give quick how-to’s FOR FREE or anyone that types up a way to do it. I’m also looking for explanations on how it works. Thank you so much to who ever answers!


  1. I don’t know if you can hypnotize your friend but self hypnosis might work. All hypnosis does is give your subconscious mind suggestions to have positive feelings about something. It can give your friend some suggestions to not be afraid of birds but she would be better off getting a script on fear and reading it into a tape recorder. That way it is her own voice she can listen to when ever she has some time and it would be her reassuring herself subconsciously that her fear of birds is leaving. I don’t know if your going to find something like that for free or not.

  2. Most of the hypnosis positive changes program are designed in a way that empowers the patient to develop strategies for successful outcome. This educational and experiential process provides a genuine sense of accomplishment, increasing your confidence and self-esteem. The end result is to develope client

  3. There is a thing called Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP) which uses a lot of the same concepts as hypnosis.
    There is a thing called a ‘Fast Phobia Cure’ which is an NLP Pattern designed for exactly the problem you’re talking about.
    You can use it to quickly get rid of a phobia or at least lessen it. Anyone can do it and its easy to do… all you need is a good imagination.
    There is a how-to guide, with a script you can read to your friend as you guide her through it:

  4. Even if you trusted your friend to do the right thing, would you want her to learn about plastic surgery from free online sights so that she could practice on you? I’m not saying that hypnosis is that dangerous but I am trying to put it into some kind of perspective. Hypnosis can be quite beneficial in dealing with phobias but honestly your friend would be better served but seeing an experienced specialist. I know you may have the absolute best intentions but you could do more damage than good with out the proper experience.


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