Home Discussion Forum How does hypnosis really work?

How does hypnosis really work?

I want a PRACTICAL method of hypnotizing people. I have seen other similar questions and everyone seems to answer by defining hypnosis!! How do you hypnotize someone else or yourself??????
More practical….how do you do it? I don’t need to know the effects. What methods do people use?


  1. Somehow they are put into a relaxed sleep/state where they easily take in the suggestions you make to them. Some people hypnotize easily and a lot don’t.

  2. Hypnosis is talking yourself or another into a sub-state of consciousness. When trying to hypnotize someone tell them to tense there muscles in a certain order and relax them. No need for a watch or whatever. usually have them lay down and start with the legs. Repeat the step three times at least. Talk slow and soft. they will start to feel heavy and will go into a state of sub consciousness. Then you can work on personal issues, like focus and things like that.


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