How does having Aries in your 7th house guide you in choosing a mate through astrology?





I was born 12/29/70 in Yuba City, CA. I don’t know much about astrology but they said your 7th house determines your relationships? How can you use it as a guide in picking a mate?
I was born in Yuba City, CA, at 11:47pm.
By the way, I’m new to this and I thought you should choose a mate in relation to your 7th house…why would I look to Venus, Mars & Jupiter? Thanks for any information you can share 🙂


  1. The 7th house revolves around relationships, marriage, people you are attracted to and the type of people that are attracted to you. With Aries being here, this represents are very feiry, leader-type person that can be rather arrogant, self-centered and domineering, yet is also very passionate, outgoing, fun, adventurous and daring. These qualities are what you look for in a potential partner, and these type of people tend to be attracted to you also.
    Additional info:
    Your Chiron in Aries is conjunct you ascendant, suggesting that you may be a very good at giving advice on marriage, partnerships or any situation where people are together/work together – even if you may be struggling with your own relationship yourself. Chiron in this sign as well as opposing your ascendant is an indicator of feeling lost within your own personality, and may sought one from others. You may be a fairly conforming person, afraid of being judged and criticised for who you truly are, as well as perhaps a fear of being alone and always feeling an irresolvable need for partnership.
    As well as being a healer for other’s partnerships yourself, I feel that your relationships and perhaps your partner will help heal yourself into becoming your own person, not afraid to be different and realising your own sence of identity.
    Your Venus is Scorpio makes you a very intense, sexual, sensual and passionate person which can make others feel either inexplainably calm around you or intensely uncomfortable. You possess are very strong and desirable presence that can provoke both feelings of awe or uncertainty.You Mars also being here and in conjunction with the Venus, doubles this intensity and gives you a very high and strong sex drive. You may also have certain fetishes which involve dominance of or by a partner, and with the accompanying Saturn opposition can also introduce a fairly strong, strict and structured kinky-ness.
    However, this also makes you a fairly private person prefering to keep emotions to yourself, and also enforcing a certain rigidity in expressing your deeply-seated feelings, which also makes this more of a challenge due to the opposing Saturn.
    All in all, a feiry, adventurous, kinky, originally-minded, open, dominating, intense, passionate and sexual person would (according to Astrology that is) make a good partner for you.

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  3. Your venus ; Mars and Jupiter are in Scorpio ; so why are you talking about Aries ?? You had some really tough years ; but the best is yet to come

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