How does god send his orders to his people?

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Does he fax the orders to them, uses the phone, telepathy, one-day airmail express?

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Alice P

the Bible and prayer.

Atheist by Design

false messages and people to indoctrinate the youth


He is the voice inside your head telling you to do things.
Like killing your parents.
Do it.


Oh come on. I will answer seriously though. God communicates through revelation, and the greatest revelation was Jesus and His teachings. Revelation is over now and we are left to follow the commands of the Gospel, which are all we need for salvation. In Heaven we will learn everything there is to about God.
God bless


by prophets!!

dave s

If y6ou love him and make him a big part of your life, then the place where he can be heard most is in your dreams. I have dreams that molded me to the point where I have no doubt in God. My dreams of God are very powerful. We all have dreams, but trust me, if you love god and are communicated to in a dream, you will know it! Its not just any old dream.


bible-express… =)
he sends the replys in all sorts of forms, mostly not what you think


Thru saints and angels. And they tell u at bed time. Don’t u know dreams are God’s messages………..


We listen, He speaks.
Try to imagine you had a conscience. It would give you a starting point to understand. But if it’s something you simply don’t believe in, you will never be able to understand.
But don’t worry, most of don’t think less of you because of it.


Its mostly bible and prayer. But God kinda talks to you. =] Like if you have a problem, and You find a way to fix it. A good way. Thats God. If its a bad way like for example, ” You start to be mean to your best friend and never talk to them again.” The thats obviously the devil.

the chosen one

He uses two cans and a string to talk long distance to His people.

Ms. Blessed

Prayers and the Discerning of His spirit. In the Bible he spoke in dreams.


lol You really aren’t bored aren’t you. Click back a few pages and answer some decent questions lol


Through his gestapo agents aka the catholic church


If that is who you say is “God” then I must have a lot of them inside my head. But I hear only one voice and many opinions


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