How does consciousness originate from matter?





If science agrees that the brain is completely matter, how is it able to comtemplate itself?
Is this phenomenon evidence of the soul?
One of the biggest questions I have concerning the evolutionary theory is “how is it that inanimate matter can organize itself to contemplate itself?” I have yet to hear a sufficient answer to such an obvious question.
The possiblility of the existence of an Intelligent Designer is a substantial reason to doubt that matter can organize itself to become more intelligent through random process.
You are comparing a diamond that has no form on intellgence with a human’s ability to think. Such an analogy is not convincing.
Yes, animals have a soul. I am not arguing that point, although the human soul differs as it has the ability to question its existence.
It all comes down to a belief in a Creator or in random chance. I find it harder to believe that eternal-preexisting chemicals can organize themselves randomly over billions of years to reach the ability to question its existence than it is to believe in a creator.
Moreover, I am willing to take a step of faith as many scientists do, believe it or not, when they accept that life originated from inanimate matter.
At this point, we must agree to disagree.


  1. What a great question. Here’s my crazy answer. I realized this while i was on LSD in high school, but i’ve thought about it alot and it still makes sense to me.
    Consciousness really is the result of intelligence. We are able to understand the world around us because we are intelligent beings. So where does intelligence come from? My parents religion taught me that intelligence is eternal, and God organized the different intelligences that have always existed into people and animals.
    There are obviously different levels of intelligence on our planet. I think most people are smarter than dogs, and most dogs are smarter than fish. I dont really know what order it would go in. But, God would be the highest intelligence in the universe.
    I came to this understanding while on acid at 17 years old, and then i accidently poured a glass of orange juice on my face and blacked out. But, i still think it makes sense.
    I know in my biology class they told me intelligence is the result of memories which are carried around my brain by mRNA strands and electricity, and being intelligent means we have strong mRNA that can carry memories quicker. But i think theres more to it than that. And again, how does this just develop through evolution? I dont think its possible.
    Thats my crazy answer.

  2. LOL…
    You will never hear a sufficient answer, basically because, without God, there isn’t one.
    But you do have to admire the persistence of some folks in insisting that there simply MUST be some OTHER explanation…
    They (science) have STILL not found that elusive absentee parent…our “common ancestor”…but, you know, it’s “just a matter of time”. Since the “theory” (and you know that the word theory in science doesn’t mean theory, exactly) states that there must be a common ancestor, so just because nobody has found him yet makes no difference at all…
    That kind of “logic and reason” must be over my head.

  3. given the nature of chemistry and the time span of 4.5 billion years, you’d be shocked and amazed at what might spontaneously occur. Most people lack the kind of perspective to seriously ponder this.

  4. I think you are trying to link our higher order of consciousness to a “soul”. Man became a living soul when God blew into his nose. So, the metaphorical story goes. That being said the bible does not establish that man’s soul is unique among other airmails. They too are souls i.e. the numbers of souls on Noah’s ark.
    Now our ability to consider our selves. There are a ton of advantages for our ability to think and plan and document all of it. Is it possible that a natural selection process given 4.2 billion years would produce consciousness. Yes, we as humans are not the only animals that have primary consciousness or the remembered present. Our ability to express and experience qualia does separate us from the rest of the souls on this earth.
    How it arises from biological material is anatomical pretty well understood on a significant level at this point. what is not understood is how the same cir cuts can be used for a memory one moment and the in the next they may be used as part of a perceptual process. We are incredibly degenerate in multiple systems. DNA, Immune, and neurons or groups of neurons systems display the ability to produce the same results in an amazing number of ways instantly.
    I do believe that we do not understand a great deal about our minds, there ability’s, and what causes our abilities.

  5. Consciousness is simply the ability to sense one’s surroundings, including oneself. Your dog and cat are conscious. There is nothing to consciousness but the ability to process a lot of data from sensors at reasonable speed. You cannot know, for example, that this text is coming from a human as opposed to a computer — or if from a computer which claimed consciousness, whether or not that was “true” in any real sense. As for evolution, it is now a proven fact; proof details are available on request. (Please provide an e-mail address.)

  6. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I have a feeling that you believed that it is God that can only create something complex.
    This is not neccessarily true. For example, crystals, which are quite complex in structures, can be created without the intervention of God in anyway whatsoever. Since this is true, I believed that it is safe to assume that the conciousness can also be explained by just evolution and nature.
    Of course, since the conciousness is quite diificult to explain, I believed that science had not really found a way to FULLY explain it yet. However, I would like to say that it is very likely in the future that science can figure this out. My advice to you is that, before you assume anything, just wait for science to advance first. Now, I know that you Christians ( assuming that you are a christian) have called this bullshit. My reply to you is: how could you say that something like “you need blind faith to believe in science” is not bullshit, while saying that MY answer is bullshit. If you even know how to listen, you can tell that your argument is more of a bullshit than my argument, assuming that my argument is bullshit.
    How is it that my argument is not bullshit. You do realize that everytime a Christian says that the scientists cannot do something, the scientists will always succeed in doing it ( not ALL the time, but the point is still clear, correct?)
    Edit: Now look at the answers below me. As you can see, science is ALREADY advancing its knowledge in the subject of conciousness. Are you still willing to to put your bet in your religion? My point exactly 🙂
    EditEdit: I have just read your response. It seems that crystals are not complex enough for you. Also, of course scientists have faith, just not BLIND faith. I can not believe that I am wasting my time on this, but, if I managed to make you see the truth, I would consider this a time well spent. Let’s take computers for an instant. You do know that it is operated by the code “on” and ” off”, correct? Yet, with these simple codes, you can create one of the most advanced machine in the world; with these simple things, you can create things that are at a very high level of complexity. You see it now? Of course, the level of complexity is not at that of conciousness yet. But, if this level of complexity can be reached by a very simple thing, why not conciousness?
    Also, before I leave you, I would also like to say something. Once, the people used to think that, if you throw things, those things will stop because they are tired. They accept this very SIMPLE idea without pursuing the more complex one. But then the scientists proves it wrong; the object stopped because of a thing called ‘friction’, not simply because the object “tired itself out”. There was once when people used to think that you cannot fly to the moon because they believed that the process of getting there is too complex. Yet, scientists proved that wrong too, and land the astronauts on the moon. You get the picture now? YOU are no different than the people who accepted a pitifully simple idea ( a quiter’s way out) without ever thinking that the truth might be more complex than what you believe. What’s that?The idea that God created everything is not simple?Hmmmm.
    How about I just say that everything in the world is created by the FSM? That’s right. That’s the answer to every question that you have. Now leave me alone because I hate using my brain. 🙂
    Joking aside, lets get straight to the point. It is the people like you that, once given the chance, might destroy knowledge for good so that we could never better ourselves. It is the people like you that, once given power, has always slowed the advancement of us human beings. It is the people like you that will always act as an obstacle to the progress of the human race. goodbye.

  7. Since there’s no reason to believe that consciousness is anything other than the workings of the brain, and no reason to believe that the brain is anything other than a product of evolution, the answer would seem to be ‘evolution’.
    It seems to me that awareness is a common feature of living organisms. Even micro-organisms can be aware of their environment in a primitive way, e.g. moving towards nutrients or away from heat. As awareness evolved to be ever more sophisticated, some species developed self-awareness. Consciousness is really a particularly effective degree of self-awareness.

  8. Because you are trying to link two different things. You are trying to link “Why” to “How.” How does not indicate nor necessitate a “Why.”

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