HomeDiscussion ForumHow does capitalism produce a false consciousness?

How does capitalism produce a false consciousness?

How would Marx explain this?


  1. Homework, eh? Well, think about this: When you judge someone by what they own and material acheivement, you are judging them falsely, according to Marx. In a communist society, it’s not about how many toys you own before you die. Marx believed judging worth on material possessions would lead to discord between the “haves” and the “have-nots” and societal breakdown.

  2. It suckers you on a fake idea that your life is missing something and only with buying this product can you be complete and fully self actualize. Ever notice how car commericals always have hot women in them? Its a blatantly subversive appeal to men to insinuate that if you buy that very same model of car all the hot girls will be all over you. Same goes for products ladies buy, if they can fit it in there will be a little subplot in the ad where product in question draws in some hunky good looking man, who never materialized until said product was used or acquired by the damsel in the ad. If popularity, charisma and sex appeal were merely attained by acquiring specific consumer products, don’t you think life would be a lot less complicated? THAT is how capitalism produces a false consciousness!!

  3. Marx believed (incorrectly) that capitalism would ultimately fail because it catered to a person’s selfishness and did not allow for consideration for the “greater good” of the masses. He also believed it would perpetuate the system of those who have getting more and those who have-not getting less (Marx was basically a disgruntled have-not). So I’m betting he would explain it by saying something to the effect of “The proponents of capitalism believe it will produce a greater consciousness by instilling the ideal that the individual’s level of success is only limited by their own talent and ambition, but in reality it would be a false consciousness because the class system will still exist, and the wealthy will use their money and influence to pass laws to keep poor people poor; thereby destroying their ability to move up from lower to middle to upper class and making the ideal of success through hard work and taking risk an illusion.”
    This is where Marx was wrong: He believed that a system of government where everyone had an equal stake and an equal say would be the most beneficial for everyone. The problem is Marx didn’t take human nature into account. We’re all selfish by nature — some more than others, but we all still make ourselves and our loved ones our top priority. When you set up a governmental or economic system where people don’t get any type of reward for working harder, coming up with new ideas or innovations, or finding better ways of doing things, you bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Why work harder than the guy next to you if you get paid the same amount? Why come up with something better if there’s nothing in it for you? The former Soviet Union was set up on this governmental and economic premise, and it ultimately failed. Labor unions are also set up on this premise, and they are failing. I’d rather have the so-called “false consciousness” of capitalism than the proven lack of civil liberties under communism.

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