How does Buddha compare to the other religious inspirational figures?

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by Darkplacesbritelight:

not physically plz

Answer by Sycophant for Jayzuss
Popular iconography seems to suggest that he was somewhat fatter.

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I appreciate the fact that that he doesn’t ask for money, like another one I know.

Brother Trucker

By weight?


He’s not considered supernatural and he’s not to be worshipped. He’s just a dude who realized some pretty cool and fundamental things about human suffering and who wanted to help others.
Buddhists don’t believe in god, they’re total humanists – they believe all that humans need for themselves they can do it through following the Buddhist principles.
I think the philosophy is an excellent insight into how to live well. Its applicable to modern life, doesn’t insist on total observance and is not archaic and impractical and hateful like the other ‘big 3’ that shall remain nameless!


Buddha taught that to be religious, you don’t need a God. You just need to stop thinking for yourself and follow someone else’ ideas mindlessly.
George W. Bush taught that to be a Republican, you don’t need policies. You just need to stop thinking for yourself and follow someone else’ ideas mindlessly.
There is always a market for stupidity: most people will do anything to avoid thinking.

Martin T

The Buddha claimed that there is a way to go past suffering, you can try it out and see if it works. No belief is needed – in fact unnecessary belief might even get in the way. You do not even have to believe that the Buddha was a historical figure – his teachings exist today, that is all that counts.

John P (I'm only a bug)

Good morning, Darkplacesbrightlight.
Isn’t it interesting that some of the replies try to skirt the question and attempt to give “witty” responses?
I find that the majority of belief systems each teach the same concepts: inner peace, respect for and aid to others, and do good. Any cursory research will show these teachings of all the primary religious teachers are consistent from one system to another. Personally, I believe it is the manipulation of subsequent leaders which tend to obscure the initial teachings.
The Buddha indicated (the Parihana Sutta ) this possible degradation of his teachings may occur over time. “The Buddha concludes: ‘And Kassapa, just as iron is destroyed by rust, it is the members of the Order who are corrupt, immoral, who cannot hope to attain higher knowledge, who will bring about the downfall of the Teaching.'” (from ). You have to admit this is a rather unique but honest teaching.
May all be at peace.


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