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how does breathing come back to normal after exercise?

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How breathing increases during exercise and how it comes back to normal after exercise(rest) ?

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  1. heart rate goes down because when you’re not exercising, your body doesn’t need as much blood.
    doesn’t require as much blood, so heart doesn’t need to pump as often

  2. Hi friend
    The Increase and decrease of breathing depends upon the rate of metabolism. During Exercise the rate of metabolism increased and so the breathing. The metabolism is a process by which the fat in our body get burned to produce energy. and for making the breathing normal just take some rest ur body’s metabolism rate will be normalized and so ur breathing too

  3. when your using energy you are trying to use aerobic respiration to provide your cells with oxygen as the oxygen sticks to the haemoglobin in your blood cells…. the more you excercise the more it needs or it will resort to anaerobic respiration which is bad cuz it creates lactic acid … when we stop excercising we dont need as much oxygen as our muscle cells dont need the extra energy=D btw for the guy above me metabolism is actually the chemical reactions in your cells thats classified as metabolism not fat burning

  4. At high exertion Oxygen consumption is very high, Your capillary sphincters open up to allow more blood volume. In order for your heart to pump the neccesary amount of oxygen to the muscles it must pump harder and faster. Blood pressure rises and Heart rate rises. In order for your blood 02 saturation to stay high, your lungs must also keep up with the demand. normally we breath 8-12 breaths per minute at rest where this number will be much higher with exertion. Once your body slows down your heart rate starts to decrease and blood pressure decreases. You no longer need the high o2 sats. your body is nearly getting enough at rest. you can look into the smaller physiological side looking at binding to hemoglobin binding and mitochondrial consumption,


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