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How does atheism explain consciousness?


  1. Because consciousness is extremely beneficial to our survival. It’s caused by a number of bodily functions, including signals and chemicals activating and moving through our brains and through the nerves in our bodies.

  2. *sighs* It doesn’t because that isn’t what Atheism is about, child. Atheist ONLY means “lack of belief in a god”, nothing more.

  3. Consciousness is caused by an overly developed frontal cortex, meaning the advanced intelligence of the brain.

  4. It doesn’t, Consciousness doesn’t have anything to do with Atheism. Atheism isn’t a science, therefore it won’t have the answer. But if you want to look for a religious answer I would say that it’s pretty obvious Zeus did it.

  5. It doesn’t. We leave that to science. To the best of my knowledge it has never been explained. We just don’t believe in any sky deities and/or their friends.

  6. Consciousness is not adaquatly explained by anybody or group. What is however clear is what is not consciousness, for example, Pizza is not consciousness, but is partially transformed upon the processing of light signals reflecting to the eye.
    When Pizza is eaten, well there you go Pizza is consciousness also at some point.
    What a strange world we live in.

  7. Atheism is neither a scientific nor philosophical entity. It only explains one thing: the fact that there is no God.
    This is why atheism is NOT a religion or complete belief system.

  8. Atheism doesn’t explain anything, dear. Atheists draw on areas of science to make conclusions about the universe.
    If consciousness interests you, don’t look at lack of belief. Neuroscience, psychology…
    Oh, wait. Are you talking about why we have consciousness?
    It had some sort of evolutionary advantage, obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t.

  9. I think you are assuming that all atheists are strict materialists. While many/most probably are, materialism and atheism are not the same thing. It is quite possible to believe in consciousness without believing in a supreme being. The materialist answer is that consciousness is a byproduct (epiphenomenon) of chemical processes in the brain. There is no “ghost in the machine”. Consciousness is merely an illusion. All that truly exists is information being replicated through bio-chemistry.

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