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How does astrology work when a set of twins, triplets or other multiple births are born on the same day?

And thus all have the same sun, moon, rising, etc. yet they are different in terms of personality and mannerisms? Could it be that astrology is not really accurate after all?


  1. Astrology will work at the time of birth, they can be twins,triplets or more, but their birth time will be differ, The astrologer will calculate their prediction as per the time of birth.

  2. Firstly, this is a fine question and shows excellent critical reasoning skills, which we we all need to employ WHENEVER someone tells us they know the truth!
    While it is true that in multiple births there are slight differences in birth times, these differences are not usually big enough to change, say, each child’s moon sign or ascendant (which changes roughly per hour), certainly not their sun sign, so this is a very useful question. What EXACTLY has changed after a short period of time, such as seconds or minutes?
    The answer is that the aspects and angles of the planets relative to one another are PERPETUALLY in flux, expressed as degrees and minutes. Thus, there are an incredibly large number of potential combinations of aspects the planets and other astral bodies can form as a complete snapshot at any moment in time.
    Many of these individual aspects repeat, but given the varying speeds that each planet moves, notably the faster moving inner planets versus slower moving outer planets, it can take more than an invidual’s lifetime to see a repeat of even a small subset of planetary aspects and angles, while certain outer planetary influences apply for generations on their own! Uranus is a terrific example. It was discovered in the 1960’s and named in the tradition of the other planets from ancient mythology, and interpreted as representing radical change. Soon after its discovery, man entered space and the mass communications, medical and other innovations we have experienced since have so rapidly accelerated the rate of change in our world its interpreted influence seems to ring true.
    Now, just as scientists ponder nature versus nurture (typical of western dualistic thinking), good critical thinking would consider the possibility that astrology doesn’t have to be “true” or “false”, but rather it may very well be something in between, i.e. it explains successfully on a gradient from false to true. Perhaps astrology is presently an incomplete explanation of human beings. Perhaps, like so many other natural phenomena, human beings are more complex than our science can totally explain today (or EVER, since creation and existence are indeed a mystery).
    That doesn’t mean our sciences are worthless and anyone who dismisses astrology simply because they cannot explain it is NOT employing the scientific method, which would say that if something cannot be disproven, it must be regarded as possible but unknown at the present time.
    So, to the first question I’d respond that there are differences in each twin’s astrological influences as one is always born FIRST and the totality of the cosmos is different for each. I’d further more say that there may very well be more influences at work than astrology can account for today, and perhaps astrology alone will NEVER be able to completely account for differences because of some other influence(s) outside of astrology also holds sway.
    To the second question I’d say that astrology is only as accurate as it PROVES to be for YOU in YOUR experience, regardless of whether you EVER understand WHY it’s accurate!
    In my own experience, I’ve learned that certain influences hold more true for me than others, but the personal insight I’ve gained by learning about my specific astrological influences (from my natal chart) has been invaluable. Furthermore, certain astrologers have a talent that may go beyond pure astrological science as their predictions tend to ring true and notably Jonathan Cainer has often managed to decipher the cosmos for me in a “spookily accurate” manner many, many times in the past decade.
    Millions of people, perhaps hundreds of million or even billions throughout human history for over 6,000 years have found benefit from astrology and, unlike a charlatan’s daily horoscope written without scientific analysis of astrological influences, mass horoscopes can be an accurate representation of selected strong influences. However, their quality may be limited by the astrologer’s level of ability to notice and/or interpret such influences. They, like us, have a limited capacity for attention (think SELECTIVE attention) and they are prone to make errors just as you or I.
    The very best and most accurate astrology, should always have to be done for an individual based on their exact date, place, and time of birth AND their current location, which is precisely what we do in our free personalized daily horoscope predictions.
    Unlike charlatans who claim to know everything infallibly, we believe there is more to existence than astrology can explain and furthermore, we believe that you should get your information from multiple sources (visit our directory – we promote the “competition” – for free). We recommend that you employe the scientific method in evaluating interpretations, predictions and forecasts and finally, remember always that we all have FREE WILL! Don’t let negative suggestion turn into self-fulfilling prophecy.

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