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How does Astral Projection feel?

Have you ever had an out-of-body experience?
If so, can you describe how the actual process of leaving your body felt? And how did it feel once your were out of your body?


  1. there isn’t a lot of sensation; at one point I was moving at speed but didn’t feel a breeze, and ordinary traffic sounds were very faint. Colors are kind of muted too; like looking through sheer black fabric.

  2. ever wake suddenly and feel like you fell an inch or so onto your bed? thats the feeling of coming back from an unconscience projection.

  3. I do it consciously via lucid dreaming. Within my dream I use a “gate” to access the AP. Sometimes I find myself in a swirling tunnel full of colored lights, racing very fast. If you can learn to do it consciously, it is a very fun place. There are some really cool hang-outs there, I kid you not.

  4. Hi,
    Before you actually Astral Project you may feel strong vibrations, heaviness, humming and paralysis. However everyones experience with it is different. You can then have the feeling as if your floating and/or at a really fast speed. Some people can see the thin cord which stays attached to you and your astral body, some do not. With Astral Projection and other types of O.B.E’s you can experience different things. Some people are free to roam near to their body in the home. Others can travel further and contact their own spiritual guides while out of body.
    Never be afraid of OBE’s you cant get lost or become unattached to your cord. The only time this corb will break is when natrual death occurs in your physcial body. It can not be broken otherwise. As soon as your physical body starts to wake up the cord automatically pulls you back to your body.
    Sometimes you CAN feel a little light headed on waking but this goes quickly. Some people dont experience any different feelings on waking. However, on waking most people ARE aware that they have astral projected and CAN remember what they saw.

  5. Hello There!
    i have had many experiences since being a child that are what some would call strange or not the norm (whatever that is 🙂 I always have very vivid dreams, by this i mean the colours in them, the smells, the texture of things they are as good as real and i remember them well. One such dream i had i was walking down a pathway in a steep valley, i was dressed in white robes as i carried on the path i came to a box floating in mid air. The box was invisible however i could see its dimensions if that makes sense. I picked the box up and looked in the top. When i looked inside i could see a swirling like vortex (imagine water going down a plughole) it was purple and moving. I had an overwhelming urge to put my head in the box and as i did i felt my body being gently sucked into it. When inside the box i almost took a minute to “feel” around me, i could feel my feet on the solid ground outside the box. I was in the box up to about my waist, in the box i looked to see my arm but it wasnt there, in fact i wasnt there as a human person i was a thin strip of colour , when i looked around i could see thousands of other strips of colour all moving some fast some slow. It was at this point in the dream i thought to myself “It is time to go back now” I pushed myself from the box and as i did, i woke. On awaking from this dream i felt happy and content as all my time in the box felt. I dont know if this IS astral projection but i have posted about this before and some have said it could be. Im sorry i couldnt be of more help other than my own personal story 🙂

  6. I think I’ve had 2 Out of Body Experiences or Astral Projections from dream. Some people say Dreamwalking is also a form of astral projection, but when I dreamwalk, it feels more like a regular dream. These 2 times felt more like I was out of my body, but still in the physical world.
    In one, I was in a hotel cabin with my Mom. I found myself outside of my body at the top of the TV cabinet, looking down on the room. My Mom was knitting or doing needlepoint in the opposite corner of the room, sitting under a lamp. Everything looked very real, except the light from the lamp had a sort of particle-like quality to it. I couldn’t see or feel a “body” of my own. I was just my consciousness floating weightlessly. I wanted to leave the room to explore more, but I couldn’t. I went back into my sleeping body and had a regular dream.
    In another, I left my sleeping body in my bedroom and sort of floated out to the living-room and kitchen. I could see a light blue glow around my hands and an orange glow around my bare feet. My skin looked very white, with the blue veins showing. I saw my dog, and she seemed to recognize me. I passed my hand through the tip of her nose. She snorted and shook her head like she didn’t like that.
    A neighbor then came to my front door in this “dream”, and I invited her inside and talked with her. I told her I was out of my body and showed her how I could float up off the ground. Later, I looked in on my sleeping body, looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and looked in on my sleeping roommate. Some things in this “dream” began to get less realistic, so then I wasn’t sure if this was really an OBE or just a dream. I felt a little cold during this experience, but otherwise I didn’t really feel much. I could touch stuff as if I were solid, but I could also go through stuff if I wanted to, as if I were a ghost.
    I’ve had many experieces in dream of moving very quickly through a swirling tunnel of speckled colors against a dark background. One time when my Mom woke me up, I also felt myself go “swoosh” back into my body, as if I were moving very quickly to come back into it from someplace else.
    – Persephone


  8. i was in a dream during the out of body exprince it hapened after i was arested and taken to the hospital were they prosacuted me for my belife in God there i was straped to a bed covered form head to toe in peperspray becouse i dint wilingly come out and let the police arest me for preaching but anyways the sadated me during this time i was in a bed like i was before they sedated me and at the foot of it was my mother i could see my self laying there in the bed and i could here the thought of God as he told me what i was to say to evey one else basicly the hole world by a some what telapathic way of comunacation in the same way God placed what he had to say in my mind i was able to place what i had to say in one or everones mind so theat they could here me i told every one that this is a small glance of what heaven will be like that you are free to walk aroung and greet eachother that you also can talk to one or all without using your voice wile i layed there God let me see how small the lil section of a hospital i ws in it was a retangle And out side of it was just black ness like floating in space with no stars he continued to tell me what to say and told me that every one is in a glims of what heaven it depending on what there familier with so it explained the reson i was in a hospital becouse ive been in and out sence i was nine and had cancer and my mother was always there and everyone else here is a doctor or a nurse but a nurse kept coming in she gave me this pill here this will help you sleep put it on your tongue and it will desolve the fucture of hospitals this was even the heart machines i was on were cordles and beaped when thing were good not bad after this God had me say you all are in a glims of heaven go to sleep and you will arive back on earth to the new heaven so much that is here will be there soon id hee people leaving the machine beaped every time a soal whent to heaven the more God had me say the more i herd leaving i said take your time to me time dose not exist you have as long as you want to explore your new abilitys and after youve all left i will go to sleep and join you so to make a long story shorter everyone left and then i went to sleep and awoke in the mental intatude becouse i was said to be bipolar becouse my stong belife in God after a week in there i was relesed and marked sane but im shure many dont belive that i am teling of tthis story of somthing that hapened in my life

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