Home Discussion Forum How does abortion mess with samsara or the process of reincarnation?

How does abortion mess with samsara or the process of reincarnation?

Is a punishment for the unborn or is it a sin for the mom?


  1. Neither. Creation is inherently just. Could very well be that an abortion is what “needed” to happen for the evolution of both the mother, and the unborn baby. Life is eternal, and cannot be created nor destroyed by us, so who is to say what is happening on the Life Path of another Person?
    Love and Peace!

  2. Who knows. It could be Karma. Lord Buddha didn’t specifically address abortion because it probably wasn’t heard of at the time. HH the Dalai Lama has stated that he thinks abortion is killing though, but that in some circumstances it’s acceptable. The baby will just be reborn again, possibly in a better life than they would have had.

  3. There’s a distinct difference between the body and the soul. Two souls cannot inhabit the same body. An unborn is a part of the mother’s body. When a body is not a separate entity but is instead a “parasite” (as scientifically all fetuses and embryos are defined as parasites), it has no soul. A soul may be “near” a mother before birth but it can’t be a part of her. A soul cannot enter a body until the body is an independent being.

  4. I am Catholic and most definitely believe that life begins at conception. However I do not dismiss or judge any other belief system. Please excuse my ignorance in answering and my understanding, or lack thereof, of reincarnation.
    However, because I believe Life begins at conception, I would also believe that the child would be reincarnated just as it had been planned all along anyway.
    This is an exceptionally interesting question.
    Yes, it is a sin of the mother to have murdered the child according to what my religion teaches.
    However, I’m quite certain I’m not God. And who among us has not sinned?
    Those of you who condemn a woman for having an abortion-I’m waiting to see you cast stones.


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