How does a spiritual/psychic reader/medium feel the energy of another person?






I have had two psychic reading at a spiritual center and both were incredibly accurate and detailed. I had one today and was looking for guidance through my break-up. She was picking up energy from my ex and telling me very specific things that only I know about her and things that don’t apply to everyone.
How did she feel my ex’s energy?


  1. Well when you’re around someone for a long time their energy rubs off on you. And mediums can get a feel of their energy through you and your thoughts/feelings or through the spirit world.

  2. These things are really fuzzy in detail by nature. Short answer, her energy was alive in you and your energy was mixed with hers. Its the kind of thing when there are no words, just like there are no facts
    Fascinating, isn’t it =)
    EDIT the people above are right, there are many many fakes out there but it sounds like you’ve been lucky! Must have a good energy about you!

  3. they don’t, its all scam techniques.
    don’t fall into all of that bs, trust a psychic like you would trust a used car salesman.

  4. Well me personally I don’t believe in all that.
    I think that they ask or say very generalized questions. and based on your answer they say something else that is also generalized. and because it is an answer that is very general, it could be applied to many things with many feeling, people, and objects. basically they say something that can apply to multiple things, and your mind will connect it to whatever you want it to be connected to. its the same concept as fortune cookies, general statements.

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