how does a spiritual fasting work?

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I have been really stressed out lately. I suffer from anxiety and OCD. I say I struggle with my anxiety more than my OCD. The OCD has got a whole lot better. Lately I have been having a weird thought here and there…but I don’t let it phase me. I just continue to do whatever I’m doing when I geta weird thought. Anyway…I have been a little ill and super stressed out due to personal issues, anxiety, being a mommy, navy wife, and working full time and still trying to make a career change.
Some one told me meditation is a great way to relax…so today I finally did that. I meditated and as I was meditating the thought of going thru a seven day spiritual fast came to mind. I don’t know why. I have never thought about that before. Maybe God wants me too ??? I don’t know. I have always considered my self Chrisrian although I have nor been loyal or have practiced. I find the lord calling me like every year…well atleast that’s what I think. Seems like every year I go thru some crisis and he always gets me thru it. Today while I was meditating I also thought to just had him my worries and everything will be ok..and he has proved that to me everytime. I don’t think what I’m going thru is that bad. I just really feel like I’m changing.
Anyway…I was really interested in fasting and the best and healthiest way of fasting. Does it work even if I haven’t been to church or prayed in a long time?
Please don’t answer if you are trying to plug a product. I’m not interested. I want to do this with no gimmicks (if I do decide to go through with it)

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I starved myself for 10 days, I had NOTHING to eat, not a bite, not a nibble. I fasted for 4 girls who had died long before my birth, but I held strong.
I was an Atheist then, and I’m an Atheist, but by god some people deserve not to be forgotten.


Jesus can help you with your fears. He Knows everything and knows the very thing that can help you. Will you trust Him? Jesus came to die for your sins and rose again the third day to save you. Jesus can give you a new life,hope,desires, and a new heart that loves Him, Yearns For Him. Jesus loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you and He came to Redeem you. Do you want Him? He is your Answer. Please Pray
dear Jesus i believe that You are God and That you came and died for my sins and rose again the third day to save me i know that i am a sinner please forgive me. I am Struggling but Come into my life and Take Control of it Be my Lord and Savior thank you for saving me and giving me eternal life in Jesus name amen
read your bible daily and obey it and find a good christian church


Hi. It is good you are becoming interested in meditation.
To go from where you are directly into a seven day fast, in my opinion, would be quite a shock to the system.
Before you begin making any changes to your diet, I would suggest spending a few months getting into a regular routine with your meditation. Choose a regular time (morning when you get up, or sunset is best), a technique that feels right to you, and do it for a while.
If you are like most people, things will begin to happen on their own.
And don’t pay too much attention to so-called “messages” that come. This is just the mind talking to you, like it always does. Your job as the meditator is simply to watch, as the parade of thoughts and feelings moves through you.
As you get more proficient at meditating, you will become more aware of the endless stream of thoughts. You may be surprised at all the wild things going on in your brain! Don’t get alarmed. We all have the same stuff in there!


Hello dear.
i can understand your problem! lord shiva will help you. Here i can suggest you rudraksha beads and will give mental peace , joy , positive energy and will protect you from evil effects . don’t worry i believe lord shiva will cure the miracle rudraksha visit here –


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