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How does a psychic person gain credibility?

If I am a psychic medium, how can I become established? I want to be able to help police solve crimes and have people seek me out to help them communicate with loved ones who have passed.
Where do I start?
I do not intend to charge money for services, just want to use gift for good.


  1. play ‘guess the number’ – if you get the correct answer 10 out of 10 times; people will start believing you

  2. LSD helps, so does a near death experience. Even that Psychic powers are a paranormal thing. Some people are gifted with moving dice with there minds and other people can get jobs and earn good money. there is no where you can start, just give up and learn something that can contribute to the world

  3. Why would you want to make a living doing something false? There is no such thing as communicating with people who have “passed on” and taking advantage of grieving people is one of the lowest things a person can do to another person.

  4. I am not sure but I think you would have to start with the basics. Do psychic fairs and build a reputation with people for being accurate with their readings and then you will have some credibility behind you for bigger things. It works just the same as any other business, you need to build a good name for yourself. I have been to some really dodgy fortune tellers who were not very good and I have been to some who were very good but still not completely accurate. I think this is the problem, people are sceptical and it is your job to prove that you can accurately communicate and not just after a quick buck.
    Good Luck!

  5. You gain credibility when the things you predict actually happen. And if you don’t intend to charge money, that helps to build your credibility even more.

  6. Start by giving readings to friends for free. Don’t lead them on, and be as accurate as you can. My wife’s friend is a valid psychic, and I’m sure of it. When she came to our house, I sat with her, and didn’t tell her anything. I only gave her yes and no answers. To see if she was for real, I asked her if she could contact my dead father. My wife never told her anything about him, or my childhood. I asked if she could tell me the nick name my dad had for me as a kid, and without hesitation, she nailed it. My wife didn’t even know it. She then proceeded to tell me that my father loved me, and was sorry for what he had done to me as a kid. He abused me very badly. I never told my wife about my childhood, as it was always a painful subject for me. Then I asked her if he had heard the 3 final words I ever spoke to him, and she said yes. I whispered in his ear 10 hours before he passed, I love You, and kept it to myself. It was my private thing, and my wife didn’t even know it. She then told me he did, and that he loved me too. She then told me that a small girl was following me around. My wife and i lost a baby about 3 months after she found out she was pregnant. This was kept very private. We never even discussed it with each other, as it was too painful. The psychic told us she was with us, and in the house and we knew it. We would hear a child laughing from time to time, usually at night, while in bed. I never really believed in all of that stuff until I met her and she gave me a reading. She has worked with the police dept. in her town and did find 2 missing kids, and helped solve another crime, a murder. Start slow, and you will build a following, as she did. She is now 66, and has been doing this for over 30 years. I do believe that spirits talk through gifted people, and she was my proof. She has psychic parties, and people pay her $20.00 per reading. We had her do one at my house, and over 20 people came. Everyone who sat with her was amazed at how accurate she was. Knowing things she couldn’t possibly have known. No crystal balls, no charms, no magic candles. She just uses a deck of playing cards. I also just had a phone reading from a psychic in California. I live in NJ. Everything she told me was dead on. She too told me my dad wanted to apologize for being, “A bastard” to me in my youth. She then said he was trying to take something out of my hand. She asked if i was smoking, because he wanted the cigarette, and I was. He smoked his whole life. Then, out of the blue she told me there was a female around me that loved me very much. She said she was confused because the female had a tale. She then described a dog with a diamond patch on her head, with tiger stripes. We had just put our dog down a week before, which I didn’t even mention to her. She called her by name, and freaked me out. I was upset at having to put her down, and the lady told me that my dog understood, and she was better. I never told her any of this, she told me. Believe, don’t believe, I don’t care. You can do whatever you want in this world. I believe you have a gift from god, and you should use it to help people. Any way you can. Just don’t abuse.


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