How does a persons conscious and subconscious mind collaborate?

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Whats their relationship aside from being part of our brains ? Can one effect the other?

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good question idk the first two but the last one yes they can


If your subconscious mind could be compared to the size of a basketball, your conscious mind would be the size of a walnut. The conscious mind can collaborate with the subconscious mind through meditation, hypnosis and mind altering drugs. Meditation is not the fastest, but certainly the safest.

FroGgy an eArl.

You conscious brain controls the order of of logic as we see it. Your subconscious brain is more like an animal in nature. You must train it to understand and behave in a manner that you wish it. Your subconscious brain is neither bias, racist, sexist, nor does it have a preference. It only knows what is is taught to know. either through conscious thought or experience. If you keep telling yourself something your subconscious will believe and react accordingly and do everything within its power to make it so. If you tell yourself, you can’t run 3 miles. Your mind will tell you, you can’t. It will remind you that you are too fat, to ill, to tired, that your legs hurt to much, or that you aren’t capable – or something like that. The more you do that the more you will believe it without question and you will find more and more things to make it seem so and eventually it will be almost impossible to believe you can. But if you tell yourself without question that you can run 3 miles, your subconscious will support that to in the same that it would if you say you can’t. And you make it so, even if it requires you to train and condition your body to accomplish it.
Your subconscious works like a computer sort of it doesn’t judge or criticize it just reacts to what ever it is presented with in the way it has learned is appropriate. There’s a trick I’ll explain to you but you need to be honest and don’t think about it just except the first thing you think of.
Quickly, choose a Letter then think of a word that DOES NOT start with that letter.
The first word that pops into your head is a word that starts with that letter, the reason being that your subconscious reacts instantly but that question is a compound action that requires logical order, the consciousness must filter the subconsciousness to get the correct answer.


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