Home Discussion Forum How does a person practice Witchcraft?Are there different ways?

How does a person practice Witchcraft?Are there different ways?

Does somebody know how to find out about different types of witchcraft. I know a shrink who practices witchcraft but maybe thats only one type ( he lies a lots) and I wonder if thats only one type and if there or many other ways to practice witchcraft.


  1. Go to a good book shop, do your research. There are different types of wicca/witchcraft, they pretty much follow the same principals tho. Find out as much as you can, books are good online can be somewhat unreliable source if you are not sure what you should be getting! read up on paganism. good luck x

  2. There are many many different ways.But Wicca and Witchcraft are not the same thing.Check out Witchvox on the web they have lots of info and links.

  3. Well there are different types of witchcraft… I mean ceremonial magic, divination, regular spells… I suppose herbalism maybe. You get the idea.

  4. There are many different types of Witchcraft.
    may give you a brief overview of Witchcraft and how it has been viewed through history.
    http://www.witchvox.com is a great site that might be less boring and more informative on other levels than the wikipedia article.
    Witchcraft and Wicca are seperate, though often Wiccans are Witches and Witches are often Wiccans. For sites on this religion I recomend checking out:
    If you find that interesting then you may like:

  5. Witchcraft is an art – literally, a craft. Many witches become adept at one particular skill, or a few different practices – be it divination, herbalism, folk magic, energy healing (reiki or other such methods of working with energy for healing purposes), etc. It all depends on what you’re interested in.

  6. even though there are a bunch of different religions that practice witchcraft, there is only one type. it involves using energy, such as a brain wave created by visualizing, to influence the out come of the future. so, if you want to cast a spell, i will walk you through it.
    first, cast a circle. this website tells you how: http://www.wikihow.com/Cast-a-Circle
    next, find the appropriate herbs. this website will list all the herbs and tell what they do: http://www.greyone.biz/magickalprops.html
    then, find the appropriate stones: http://www.spellspot.com/GemstoneProps.asp
    then, find the appropriate candle color: http://www.spellspot.com/CandleProps.asp
    after that, create a visualization that symbolizes what you want. try to picture it as clearly as possible during the spell.
    next, think up a chant, make it rhyme, and say it at least twice during the spell.
    lastly, add a prayer at the end of the spell.
    i do not recommend doing love spells directed at certain people because they are manipulative, they force the person to love you. and karma will get you back. if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me: walldead@yahoo.com

  7. No good witch or Wiccan would lie if given the option. So I would not put much validity into what that shrink says (or does)!
    There are a multitude of ways to practice. Some follow specific traditions (many of the Wicca sects) and others who are not Wiccan may practice differently. I know quite a few “Solitaries” and all practice differently. There are many who practice under the Hedge Witch. or Green Witch umbrella with none using the same tools or rituals. Within the Wiccan traditions there is a degree of uniformity. This is absent with most of the solitaries. I consider myself to be Pecti-Witan, Pictish. This belief is more about divination, herbalism. crystal magick, candle magick and animal communication than ritual and worship.


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