How does a person acquire higher consciousness?

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Consciousness precedes light and then becomes a physical event. What does this mean to you?

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Drugs are bad, mmmkay?


So you won’t end up like the first guy who answered before me. (IE: THE “LSD”guy) OR a Scum bag.


by having a learner’s heart…
that little phrase doesn’t mean anything to me…sounds like new age wibble-wabble…

It's That Guy

By keeping an open mind, considering alternate perspectives. Seeking enlightenment means that you don’t believe you already have it. So be humble, grasshopper. Know what you don’t know.
Consciousness precedes light. That is to say that thought precedes insight. God said ‘Let there be light’ and there was light. The light didn’t come all by itself! Thought precedes just about everything that we do, right? Thought leads to insight, which in turn leads to a lot of things.


lots of opium and Psycopathic music

Dr pushpinder k

Higher consciousness is achieved through a religious practice like meditation and prayer with exceptions.
Time precedes light as it takes time to travel from one point to the other.
I think consciousness or timelessness precedes time and is not a physical event.


I don’t know. We will always struggle if we say “this is where it is” this is where it isn’t” The ego is our problem. Our seeking carries no fulfillment, on its own, but what we seek lies below the surface. Higher consciousness is nothing to attain but is already everything. When you gain knowledge of anything else you gain knowledge of some thing but when you gain knowledge of higher consciousness you become knowingness itself. When we abandon the search, abandon the struggle, then just being here in this world in our body becomes the highest goal to attain. Higher consciousness finds us when we stop looking for something and simply look.

Tat Tvam Asi

by ceasing to identify with the lower consciousness. by stepping back from the daily inner chattering in the mind gives room for the innert high consciousness to emerge

Lavern G

i don’t know


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