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How does a ouija board work?

My friends and I used a ouija board and it worked. Strange things started happening around my house after using it, and I would like to know if it is all in my head or if spirits/ghosts really contact you through those games. Thanks!


  1. Its all in your head those things dont work they just make you think you are seeing and feeling things that you arent. It just makes a person paranoid.

  2. It doesn’t work. Usually someone moves the darn piece to scare everyone. Then you get paraniod, especially with friends egging it on.

  3. they can and do work ..cld also be ur friend messing with ur head…they are not and shldnt be used or sold as toys….

  4. an Ouija board really works but you have to draw a circle around you in chalk so the spirit doesn’t try to get in your body and kill you. but if you really think there is a ghost in your house try putting a cup full of salt in every room to protect you. also draw crosses and put them above ALL your doors. DO NOT TRY to communicate to the ghost that is in you house it will mean that u are inviting it in. if you start smelling funky oders in your house that means you have a demon. DO NOT communicate with this either.it will just get even madder.
    PS if you try using an Ouija board again do it on holy grounds and dont try this but if you want to communicate better with a ghost/spirit try using vodo remember i gave you ideas to get rid of it or preventing it. i am not responsible what happens to you if you try a vodo

  5. ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► Ed ◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌

    How does a ouija board work?
    They work because the people who use them believe in them and are gullible. (And often of low intelligence. Sorry to say that, if that’s you.)
    Trust me, there is no such thing as ghosts, spirits, etc. You’ve been watching too many movies.


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