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How does a Near Death Experience affect you?

so basically at first u feel happy and then later not so happy?
i mean like after u have one, how are u affected like, academically do u become smarter or not? Do you develop mental illnesses?
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  1. For a while, you are on top of the world! You feel wonderful. You are just happy to be alive, happy about everything, and everything is beautiful. Then problems start.
    I broke my neck in a car accident and was lucky to survive. One minute I was driving, the next I woke up in the hospital tied to a table with people cutting my clothes off of me.
    Yes, mental illness can arise… it did for me. I now have post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and panic disorders. It sucks. Whoever thinks near death experiences are glamorous… probably did not ever actually have one!

  2. It doesn’t exactly work like that, near death experiences are described as being like on drugs. When a person nearly dies there brain may overload causing some people to believe they are looking at themselves, some people say that they are able to look at their lives from new perspectives and establish change and make better decisions, but I don’t believe it would make you smarter. As for mental illnesses idk I suppose you could become emotionally scarred?

  3. its traumatizing but i dont think you gain inteligence or lose it u may just not beable to concentrate much due to flash backs which will eventually make you not as smart as you could be but that is not directly because of the accident

  4. Its scary. I’ll never forget it and it happened many years ago. It never caused me trauma at all, but I still shiver and thank God that I didn’t get killed. Nor did it make me any smarter or dumber. I do take far fewer reckless chances because of it though.
    Either God intervened and saved me or else I was just sh*t lucky.

  5. A near death experience doesnt increase your IQ but its is likely after experiencing a near death a experience to be more aware at the moment at hand to prevent that event from occuring again. Also depending on how the being reacts to the event, it may result in the constructing of anxieties related to the near death experience. People may create an OCD from the near death experience to check their surroundings to shield this from happening again, this can also create paranoia. Last, a near death experience give the victim a deeper a gratitude towards life because they consider how fortunate they were to survive through the phenomena.

  6. For me, I just said I met God, for maybe 10 years. I was very happy to be alive. I told people I loved them… but my experience was too big a concept to put in those words… All of those years it took to just say in words what happened did give me perceptions that have helped me out academically… but it was not an overnight thing. I think it did help me develop mainly because my NDE gave me empathy for a wider range of people. If you own a Volkswagen, you start seeing Volkswagens everywhere… I had witnessed soul on a very basic level and so I could process soul things more easily than before but still, it took many years to gain the vocabulary to write about it…
    My answer is yes for me it did help me become smarter about what is important about this life from the soul perspective. I am not sure if that answer is true though from the physical perspective as I do not value the physical world as much as I did before my NDE. This world is almost surreal… like a series of screenplays and myself as bit player inside it…
    A NDE allows one to see the details that Einstein once called, “God.”

  7. You will most likely develop mental illnesses but if these are not developed you appreciate life more because it was so close to being taken away from you.


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