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How does a flux capacitor make time travel work exactly?

Doc Brown says that the Flux Capacitor is what makes time travel work, how?


  1. It drastically increases the weight of a photon, thereby making light travel slower. If you decrease the speed of light to lower than 88 miles per hour then you can jump into the future by traveling faster than 88 miles per hour.

  2. WTF? And you got someone to answer that seriously? Hey I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn!
    I can’t help myself…it drastically increases the “weight” of a photon. Oh, you mean its rest mass? Uhh, dude, you’re aware a photon has no rest mass, right? Doh! Oh, and how would changing the rest mass of a particle change c? It wouldn’t. You can change the rest mass of just about any hadron (by accelerating it to a higher KE) and it has no effect on c. Learn some actual physics dude.

  3. Good question…some people just have no sense of humor.
    I’ll say that the flux capacitor is able to generate a localized magnetic field around the vehicle which is large enough to both separate and warp the fabric of space-time. Thus, an object can move within the time continuum without changing physical location. Picture an ant crawling along a piece of paper. If you bend the paper such that the ends are very close together, the ant is able to step across the small gap and arrive at the other side of the paper nearly instantaneosly. When the paper is returned to it’s normal shape, it appears to a fellow ladybug on the far side of the paper as though the ant has appeared out of nowhere.
    In the same way, warping the time continuum without distorting physical space allows the Dolorian to cross to another point in the time continuum, but remain at the same physical location. Clearly, 88 miles per hour is crucial because of the length of time that the distortion can be maintained.
    It’s either this, or Doc Brown was all hopped up on happy pills when he came up with the idea.

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