Sunday, September 26, 2021

How does a crystal quartz cluster charge other gemstones?

I just bought a crystal quartz cluster for 20 pounds for the purpose of charging my other gemstones:
Turquise, labradorite, aqua marine, onyx, rose quartz and carnelian..
I know that it cleanses and charges them if you place it on top for 24 hours but how?
What exactly is the process?
What qualities does it imbue on the other crystals?


  1. Quarts is an amplifier. It helps other stones, and energies become stronger and more clear.
    I usually let the crystal speak to me and I like to hand select them. Cleansing the stones is done using salt, then letting the stone sit in the sun and moon light for 24 hours.
    Enjoy the energy that they will give back

  2. I honestly don’t know the actual process for the charging and in all honesty all I do is cleanse mine and sit them in the light of the full moon over night. )O(


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