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How does a consciousness come to be? Is it an illusion created by a mental program?


  1. This is a question best suited for yourself. I have been thinking long and hard on the subject and have come across to answers. One- god is real and by divine power he has installed the moral self aware soul upon us so that we are rooted to our body. Or life is created by evolution such that your consciousness is an entirely amazing work of luck and you have been finally adapted to the world. This is one of the most strong arguments for god in my opinion, not to say that I think he is real.

  2. To quote an answer from a similar question:
    “Consciousness is one’s awareness to the whole world with your all sensories intact. Its 7 – 9% part of the brain function.
    Conscience is a part of our personality. In one way you can say its our ‘ego’; what we present ourselves in the society.
    The net result of the constant conflict between our ‘instinct’ and the ‘ideals’ which we learnt from the society.”

  3. It comes along with our life. It sometimes plays like our ego. It is a kind of awareness about what we are. We can shape our body into a divine body by enlarging the individual ego and converting it as universal ego. Universal ego means treating all equally, caring for others problems, taking universal outlook in the matter of peace, happiness, welfare or prosperity. We have to accommodate the whole universal as our own. A sense of belonging.

  4. Although we cannot know for sure during our lifetime, I can also see two possible answers:
    1. It was specifically designed or created by another sentient being (possibly some sort or form of God). This goes along with consciousness as a mental program…
    2. It was developed through evolution. Naturally, those organisms that are conscious of themselves, their abilities and surrounding will be able to survive long enough to reproduce, and when they do, they also pass on this consciousness to their offspring whether through teaching or genetics.
    Personally, I can see very strong arguments for both and so the bottom line is…you decide.

  5. it’s god. WHEN you are god, even though you’re “SUPPOSED” to be all knowing, you’re not really. To know what it is like to be a human, you have to be EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING that ever lived. And you have to believe you are NOT god.
    And that is exactly what happened, is happening and will happen.
    That’s why all REAL religions tell you to WAKE UP. Do Not SLEEP. To WATCH YOURSELF. (not in the “watch yourself, you’re treading thin ice” kind of way, but in the “watch your self. It’s more interesting than you give it credit for” sense)
    Once you wake up, after you lived countless lives as one particular human, then “inheriting the earth” takes on a whole new meaning.


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