how does a clairvoyant know things by touch?

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does anyone know how a clairvoyant uses touch instead of props to do a reading. are the clairvoyants more clever who use touch than the ones that just read the cards. i am going to see a clairvoyant tomorrow for the first time and dont no what to expect with a clairvoyant that uses psycometry. please reply

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They don’t. No evidence has ever been shown that clairvoyance is a real phenomenon. Many individuals and organizations have offered recognition in the scientific community and/or cash rewards to individuals who can demonstrate, in a double-blind scientific study, that clairvoyance, ESP, astral projection, ghosts, dowsing, yogic flying, etc., are real.
So far no one who has stepped foward to do so has not been revealed as a fraud.

Pam R

Psychometry is a tool, the same as tarot etc. So no they are not any cleverer.
The link between you & the reader is the important thing, not how it is arrived at.
The basis of psychometry is that the energy stored within the object from you aura is what creates the link, but so will you voice, name & energy from the aura about you.
Have fun, think about what you really need guidance with before you go.


From what I have come to understand, they feel more connected to the object or person by touching, there’s some vague notion of personal “energy” they say they sense, etc., and so they feel more confident in their predictions.
However, at this point clairvoyance is no more than folklore. Many people believe in it and believe they can do it, but to date nobody has been able to demonstrate they have this ability under controlled conditions (conditions where cheating and coincidence can be accounted for).
That being said, have fun visiting with the clairvoyant tomorrow. Here’s a tip for your visit. Don’t give AWAY anything to the clairvoyant — what I mean is don’t say anything, make any facial gestures or anything to indicate to the clairvoyant that whatever she/he is saying is accurate. This will make it much harder for the clairvoyant to do a cold read on you. Don’t be disappointed. 🙂


A clairvoyant is a person who recieves images. How they get them is completely individualistic, cause everybody’s gift is different, because everyBODY is different. If you know what I mean.
So, psychometry is where she touches things that belong to people in order to connect to that person, their energy. For example, she might ask you for your watch, say, in order to connect to your personal energy (in order to be able to read/see you and/or the things around you).
The clairvoyant who uses cards… she uses her cards to connect to the person.
BTW…I’m told any good “psychic” will simply tell you what she sees and/or senses (“give what you get” is something my spirit guides are teaching me, and something I’ve heard from other gifted friends). I’m told it’s not up to her to interpret it. As in, things that don’t make sense to her might make a lot of sense to you.
hope this helps!


A true psychic will never “just read the cards” or depend solely on props to complete a reading. The cards or props are tools that are used by the individuals to help them to get a better sense of how to procede with the reading.
If you’re going to see a clairvoyant tomorrow, I have a couple of suggestions:
– Stay open minded and receptive to the experience.
– Allow the clairvoyant to lead the reading.
– If you have specific questions that you would like to have addressed, think about them tonight and hold them clearly in your mind. Let the clairvoyant determine when you should ask the questions.
– Keep it simple.
– Consider whatever you hear as advice or possibilities, not as an inevitable truth.
More than anything else, try to have fun with the situation. Enjoy the experience and the people that you meet. Consider it entertainment that you might learn from. Good luck!


No-one has ever been able to demonstrate any clairvoyant abilities.


I have no idea….I just know that when someone dies…people usually want to hold something that the person etc. had..mostly something they make them feel closer to them…or have a picture around. Sometimes I can’t do the picture thing too much..hurts too much. Sometimes people will even sleep with these thing. So there must be SOMETHING to it! It seems to comfort people.
Edit.. FYI..I just saw on someone else’s Q&A that this is called Psychometry. I left a link over there about it and you can get more answers there. It’s in the Alternative section.

Kimberlee Ann

psychometry is a method of feeling things by vibration. A psychic can feel the vibrations of the person who used the item. If it is a letter, they can pick up on the contents of the letter by focusing on the emotions that went in to the writing of the letter, if it is an object they can feel the persons emotions of someone who wrote it. I heard of a person who could tell if someone was dead or alive in photographs, now that is one that I am not sure how that works… although I am positive it can be done.

Judge Judy

everything leaves an impression of energy..this can be felt when holding an object


i think its because by touching, they can feel its energy and therefore they find out more.. i have never met one before.. my aunt however has dreams about the future and they almost always come true.

Rubin C

It is my understanding that all of what we refer to as matter is actually energy, vibrating energy, and that allows the clairvoy to channel one energy from its combination with another. Use of a prop simply works around the need for a material object.


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