How do zombies have telepathy and how do they move at lightning speeds?

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I read it in the zombie survival guide

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Hoa Tigôn(1988)


ï'ṃ løṿïṉ' ïτ!



They move at the speed of other people’s thoughts after consuming their brains.

Detective John Kimble

It doesn’t matter how they have it, just accept that they have it so that you are better prepared for the zombie invasion.


When me & the troops battled the ol’ zombies back in the marshes in the 1800’s, we supposed it was the same way ants and other “hive type” insects can use “telepathy.” Lots of things can move at lightning speeds if they don’t have far to move, ain’t nothing special ’bout that 😉

Shane A

You do realize zombies, Santa, Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy are not real?


They travel at unnatural speeds because stamina and pain are no longer issues for them- they do not need to breathe.
They are not telepathic.


Ugggh zombies do NOT have telepathy because they lack the mental capacity to use it even if they did have it when they were alive.
As far as moving at lightning speeds that is impossible. If anything they should be able to barely move at regular speeds. The longer they are a zombie the slower they should become.
Unless you might be talking about the zombie-like rage victims from 28 Days Later. They are not your typical zombies because they have not died. Just enraged!!!


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