How Do Zen Buddhists Achieve Enlightenment?

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I was reading up a little bit and I saw that zen buddhist meditation was a state of “nothingness”. In other words no thoughts or other distractions. I was wondering how a zen buddhist would achieve the state of enlightenment if they do not think in there meditation.

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BrokenEye, Pathogen G immune

Using a parcel containing a large wad of cellophane and a grapefruit with a bow on it

Knowledge seeker

i just went to budhism class today so i have a freshly picked answer. it is not that they do not think for that is not un enlightenment. it is that they do not think mundane thoughts. they eliminate thoughts of food or people or arguements. while meditating they and soon to be we, label thoughts of work and frends as thinking. so that stuff we eliminate. during ,editation we think nothing and focus on our breathing. but we do this so when all we think is of the afterlife or philosifies and contemplative thoughts not useless ones, then they or “WE” when i become one maybe have rwached enlightenment. We do not worhip the budha by the way he is just our example of enlightenment. thats what i think jesus should be like. an example not an idol


Enlightenment takes a bit of effort and a bit of time but basically….
The idea is to not have negativities, negative states of mind or delusion.
Meditation is a practice. When we practice a clear state of mind, less and less and finally no delusion, then we also have the capabilites to break the cycle of acts that keep us in rebirth after rebirth, when we have no delusion we can also help others. Clearing ones one mind is a step in the right direction. Clearing a space for positive choice, positive action, a peaceful state of mind, getting to a place where our delusions don’t dictate our actions but we clear a space for positive choice instead of habitual negative reactions to all that surround us.
There isn’t a “better” Buddhism, You should follow whatever path, school or practice that feels right for you… or the religion of your birth. Clarity is clarity. Compassion is compassion. Wisdom is wisdom. Ultimately it’s a choice, a personal choice.


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