How do you work out your body fat?

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I mean is there some kind of a formula or a internet site that you can work out your body fat on? I know that there are some sort of scales that do that but they are pretty expensive so I’m looking for a diffrent way….

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i am jacks fingers

you can sit and read about different techniques all u might even find them helpful. best thing to do is run

claire g

go to the GP and ask them to do it.

♥ мяѕ. нєƒηєя ♥

NO. i have a life!

Harri e

OH MY GOD. Is This Maddie From Wales?
As In A Student In A Girls School?
[I Think We’re Best Friends].
I’ll Say A PJ To See If You Get It And If You DO Know Me:


yes this secret formula is called the United States Marine Corps.

cameron w

well im 43 pounds and 4ft9 and ive always been that weight sence i was 7 but you can loose weight bye eating good and exercising so you need to do all this


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