How do you use tarot cards?






In a fit of impulse shopping I bought some tarot cards and a little book to go with them. Now, what do you use tarot cards for and how do i use them?
Sorry, should have explained better. The little book is really technical sounding, I just wanted to know some basics before I began….


  1. I would destroy them. Please do not give them to someone else. Tarot cards may seem innocent at first, but don’t play around with them. God bless.

  2. They are a tool to help give you an idea as to what MIGHT happen. You can also use it to discover your inner self. The cards are set up in sections, each section is has a different meaning. when you read the sections they intertwine and give you basic meanings to your thoughts and questions. It is only a guide since in the end you are the one who makes the final decision on the outcome by the choices you make.

  3. Study the symbols and meditate on them to learn all their different meanings. Then go back and read the little book. It should make more sense then.

  4. Well, there are broadly two uses for tarot cards. Divination is a relatively recent use, starting in France at the end of the 18th century but only gaining a place in the English speaking countries at the end of the 19th century. The other use, the one they were created for, is for card games – these have been played since the 15th century and continue to be played throughout continental Europe.
    While I’m a Skeptic myself, if you really do want to look at fortune telling, then you might do well to look here:
    You will find some basic introductions to fortune telling here and a friendly forum.
    If you are interested in exploring the games, then you can look here:

  5. Speaking for myself, I use Tarot cards for their original purpose; card game playing. I have nothing against Tarot card reading and I confess to having an attraction to the occult, but my intellect however favors the card games one may play with Tarot cards. Because Tarot cards were originally created for games and not for divination, I do not believe there is a right or a wrong way to read Tarot cards.

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