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How do you use frankincense and or myrrh to get rid of negative energy?


  1. Hindus burn natural coal in a bowl, and then add frankincense and camphor. They especially wave the mixture in corners, where energy is said to ‘stagnate’. Myrrh is more of a salve.

    • Just because Science has not yet discovered the depth of our reality, it would be a foolish man indeed to dismiss something that is recognised by every culture of mankind for thousands of years.

  2. Burn it on charcoal and gently wave the smoke all around the area you want to clear. While you are doing this, either say a purifying blessing or visualize the negativity leaving the space.

  3. both frankincense and myhrr are resins so you need to crush them and I like to add bay and rosemary place salt in the bottom of your censer then place the charcoal on top and I mean the discs used to burn incense not the other kind after you have your herbs crushed and your censer started add the crushed herbs to the charcoal take the censer in your hands be very careful charcoal burns very hot I use a small stone dish underneath between the salt and the dish you should be able to hold it carry the censer clockwise round the room and say by the scent of these herbs I cleanse this space as you waft the smoke from the censer towards the walls as you sense with your mind a soft fresh breeze blowing gently through the room circle the whole room repeat in each room you want to cleanse after you are done you can mix some of the ash with some of the salt and sprinkle a little on each windowsill and doorway this will continue to protect against negative energy for a while Hope this helps Blessed Be


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